I am president of the board for a 21-unit condominium apartment building.  For my first 10 years here, we brought in various contractors to try and fix horrible water leaks coming in around many of the windows.  Various fixes were attempted by different contractors, including waterproofing the entire building – which was a huge expense.  None of the contractors could fix the issue, and the costs added up.  Then we were introduced to Steve from Adriatic Restoration.  He took the time to evaluate the issue and his team discovered the problem.   It was in how these affected windows were originally manufactured kept sending water to units below.  His skilled team came up with a plan and went to work correcting the issue and they also repaired the many years of water damage around these windows.  The resulting repairs were done so well that its undetectable anything was ever wrong there.  We have since reached out to Steve and used Adriatic in subsequent building maintenance projects.  Finding a contractor you can rely on to do it right the first time is not easy.  I highly recommend them.