I met up with Adriatic several years ago, I came from another facility to manage a high rise in Fort Lee, NJ. Upon meeting Adriatic for the first time I was skeptical of the company, because I never worked or heard of them. After working for a while with them, I noticed something that I have very rarely seen in contractors, is that all their employees really do care. Not only did I see them perform their work professionally, but they saved us money overall. This example is particular to this job, on our plaza deck, there was a deteriorating waterproof membrane under the wearing slab and we were getting water into our garage below, few companies suggested to remove the complete slab and apply a new membrane and wearing concrete slab. Adriatic came up with a brilliant idea and installed vents under the wearing slab surface and then applied a urethane waterproofing system on top, needless to say, they saved us a lot of money. They have worked on our plaza deck, parking garage and balconies.