How Brick Repair and Sealers Protect Buildings

If your brick building has suffered damage, brick repointing or brick repair and sealers may be your best option. A brick building is not only charming but aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, over time brick can deteriorate and become beaten down by the weather.

To repair your building, there are a couple of methods.

Using Brick Sealer
When it comes to brick buildings, time and the weather begin to wear down the material. Brick has a reputation for being solid and durable, but it does not mean that it isn’t vulnerable to moisture. Cracks in the brick and other gaps can be the perfect opening for water to seep into your building and cause havoc.

When repair contractors offer brick repair and sealers, they provide to waterproof your brick with a sealer. Brick sealer binds with the brick’s pores and mortar and strengthens it.

Performing Brick Repointing
Brick repointing is a method to refinish brick. Another way to refinish and repair brick is brick tuckpointing. In brick tuckpointing, repair workers tuck the mortar into the damaged joint. Not only do deteriorating joints look bad and decrease your building’s curb appeal, but it opens your building up to structural damage.

Brick repointing and brick repair and sealers can keep water from penetrating your building and further damage your business’s walls and structural integrity. To find out more about how we can repair brick, contact us at Adriatic Restoration.