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Adriatic Restoration Corporation, incorporated in 1982, offers professional exterior building restoration and waterproofing services to the New Jersey/New York Tri-State area. We specialize in exterior building restoration, repairs, waterproofing, and protection on brick, concrete, steel, stucco, and stone. Click here to learn more our restoration services in New Jersey / New York area.

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Balcony Waterproofing

All cracks, no matter the size, will allow water to penetrate the concrete. As the temperature drops, the water freezes, the ice expands, which creates larger cracks.  This water penetration can also affects the steel reinforcement frame of the balcony, causing it to rust and often leading to concrete spalling.

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Below Grade Waterproofing

Below Grade wall waterproofing usually comes in handy with urethane injections or grouting when positive side waterproofing does not work due to surrounding circumstances. The foundation wall needs to be waterproofed on the interior side.

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Brick Repointing & Brick Tuck Repointing

Brick tuck pointing is the process of repairing damaged mortar by tucking mortar into the damaged joint. The most important aspect of this repair is matching the repaired mortar joint with the surrounding mortar. Cracked and deteriorated mortar joints are aesthetically unpleasing and the most common way for water to enter a structure. Repointing deteriorated mortar joints is the most effective and permanent option to stop water from entering through brick and damaging the structure. Adriatic’s professional technicians are experts in brick repointing, brick repair and brick and mortar repair.  We will perform an expert brick joint repair by carefully removing damaged and deteriorated mortar with vacuumed grinders, to ensure no damage is done to surrounding masonry and dust does not enter your building or pollute the environment.

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Waterproofing Brick Walls

You may ask yourself, is waterproofing bring walls really necessary? Well the answer is YES! After years of weathering, the bricks absorb water.  This causes them to deteriorate more quickly than other materials.  Waterproofing brick walls will eliminate problems such as wet walls and the possibility of mold growing behind the brick.  You do not need to feel overwhelmed, just call Adriatic Restoration Corp if you have any questions. We will be more than happy to accommodate you with your specific needs.  Adriatic is a company that carries on the tradition of excellence with a truly select group of professionals.

Call (201) 338-4642 today for a free consultation. Or learn more about Waterproofing Brick Walls services in NJ and NY area from Adriatic Restoration.

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  • I am president of the board for a 21-unit condominium apartment building.  For my first 10 years here, we brought in various contractors to try and fix horrible water leaks coming in around many of the windows.  Various fixes were attempted by different contractors, including waterproofing the entire building – which was a huge expense.  None of the contractors could fix the issue, and the costs added up.  Then we were introduced to Steve from Adriatic Restoration.  He took the time to evaluate the issue and his team discovered the problem.   It was in how these affected windows were originally manufactured kept sending water to units below.  His skilled team came up with a plan and went to work correcting the issue and they also repaired the many years of water damage around these windows.  The resulting repairs were done so well that its undetectable anything was ever wrong there.  We have since reached out to Steve and used Adriatic in subsequent building maintenance projects.  Finding a contractor you can rely on to do it right the first time is not easy.  I highly recommend them.

    Condo Board President
    Hackensack, NJ
  • As a Site Manager for Preferred Management I have had the pleasure of working with Steve and his team on several projects. Each time that we have used Adriatic I have found them to be professional in the way they handle themselves at the site. The work is completed in the time frame given and the results are fantastic. I would highly recommend Adriatic.

    Ronald S.
    Site Manager
    Preferred Management
  • Adriatic Restoration Corp was recommended to our association a few years ago to repair the exterior EIFS stucco on our buildings. I must say they exceeded our expectations at every level, they were neat, professional and extremely safe. It took them several months to complete the job and I must say, they not only repaired the damaged stucco, but also corrected many areas that originally caused the cracks and leaks. Up to today, I have not seen one crack come back and we had plenty of them throughout the complex. I thank Steven and his men for a job well done. We are now hiring them again to repair, correct and waterproof our balconies.

    John T.
    Board Treasurer
    Windsor Court Condominiums
    Rochelle Park
  • We have used Adriatic Restoration on several projects. They have always provided us with top notch service and exemplary workmanship in a very cost effective manner. We highly recommend them for any waterproofing and concrete work.

    Peter T.
    Real Estate Developer and Property Owner
    Hackensack NJ
  • Hi my name is Michael H., Skyview Rahway Building Engineer. I have worked with Adriatic on many projects and I have nothing but absolutely great things to say about Steve Hroncich and his crew. They are all professional, kind, and efficient. I have not had one leak in my building with the help of Adriatic. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants amazing service.

    Michael H
    Building Engineer
    Rahway NJ
    Indigo Hotel
  • It is always a pleasure doing business with Adriatic Restoration company. I do recommend this company. They have helped me many times with different issues at my building and Steve the owner always come up with a conservative approach. Steve is a very honorable person and is easy to work with.

    Jake K.
    Property Management
    Palisades Park NJ