Brick Repair and Sealers

The Role of Brick Restoration in Water Damage Prevention

Brick is a durable and aesthetically pleasing choice for landmark buildings and businesses. If you own or manage a brick building, brick restoration should be a part of your maintenance schedule.

Brick Restoration Basics

Bricks become loose and damaged over time. Technicians in brick wall repair can replace damaged bricks without compromising the surrounding brickwork. When you have loose brick, it cannot hold the bricks above. If the bricks fall, then large sections of your brick could fall. Sealing the brick and mortar protects against water damage.

Common Water Damages

If there are cracks in your brick wall or you did not bother with waterproofing brick walls, the material can absorb water. As the brick absorbs water, it becomes less structurally sound. Without brick restoration, the bricks could crumble and put the whole structure at risk.

Additionally, water damage can lead to mold growth within your landmark building or business. Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours under the right conditions. Mold can also create an unhealthy environment for guests and employees, as some forms are toxic.

Invest in Brick Restoration

Brick restoration will protect the structural integrity of your building. At Adriatic Restoration, we service landmark buildings, hi-rises, commercial buildings and office buildings throughout New Jersey. Contact us today to find out how we can help you protect your building.


12 Tips for Water Damage Repair

Eifs Stucco Repair

Ready EIFS and Stucco Buildings for Harsh Weather

Using exterior insulation and finish system or stucco provides your building with insulation through its design. Before the harsh weather threatens your facility, it is critical to perform any EIFS repairs.

Inspect for EIFS Repairs

A technician should inspect your building to determine whether you require stucco repair. If you notice any cracks or crumbling, it could be a good time to call a professional. Other signs of damage include:

  • Stains
  • Moss
  • Impact damage

Winter weather exacerbates the damage. Moisture seeps through the cracks, freezes and expands, creating structural issues. The water can also seep into the building, resulting in mold and mildew.

Protect Stucco from Damages

Stucco has been used since ancient times. It is weather-repellent and durable, but harsh weather can damage it without proper maintenance.

To protect stucco and EIFS systems from damage, professionals must install them. Proper EIFS and stucco installations prevent moisture and water from entering the system and wreaking havoc on the exterior and interior of your building. Severe water damage causes stucco to crumble and for indentations to form.

Find a Contractor for EIFS Repairs

Technicians will inspect before performing the necessary EIFS repairs to keep your building safe. At Adriatic Restoration, we are committed to protecting and repairing landmark, office and commercial buildings in New Jersey. Contact us today for a quote on repairs, maintenance or installation.


Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair: Understanding Common Problems and Their Solutions

Commercial roof repair keeps your building in top shape. Without proper installation and maintenance, your roof will not perform correctly. Instead, improper installation or lack of restoration can lead to structural and building damage.

Flat Roof Problems

Before determining if you need flat roof repair, understand the issues that can arise.

One of the most common issues flat roof’s face is due to exposure to the elements. Overexposure to the sun, wind and hail can cause damage. Water can pond and leave the roof sagging for roofs without proper drainage.

Other issues include:

  • Punctures
  • Tears
  • Debris

Buildings naturally expand and contract. Thermal movement occurs because of the outside temperature. When buildings expand and contract, the roof membranes crack and split around the flashing, seams and penetrations.

Emergency Roof Repair

A damaged roof could require emergency roof repair. For example, a leak can cause water to pool or drain into the insulation, decking and roofing materials. When emergency contractors show up at your building, they can perform the following:

  • Leak detection
  • Rubber roof repair
  • Roof flashing repair

Emergency contractors arrive as quickly as possible for a roofing emergency.

Your commercial roof is one of the most critical structural elements of your building. For commercial roof repair, contact Adriatic Restoration. We provide restoration services for New Jersey office, landmark, commercial and apartment buildings.

Foundation Waterproofing Systems

Skip Water Damage: Why Balcony Waterproofing Is Critical

Balcony waterproofing is a critical part of the building, hi-rise and apartment maintenance. To forego waterproofing can be dangerous.

The Dangers of Skipping Balcony Waterproofing

If you have cracks on your hi-rise or commercial building’s balcony, they can compromise the structural integrity of the building. No matter the size of the crack, all cracks allow water to penetrate the material. Water penetration not only affects the deck but also affects the reinforcement frame, causing it to rust. When the reinforcement frame rusts, it can cause concrete spalling.

As water enters cracks in the balcony, it pools and freezes when the temperature drops. As the water freezes, ice expands and causes the crack to grow.

The Process of Waterproofing

The waterproofing solution depends on the balcony or deck material. For concrete patios, we examine the state of the concrete, make any repairs to cracks before applying a waterproof coating.

Other types of waterproofing include:

  • Deck waterproofing: We use a waterproof coating for the deck. When there is a mistake in deck membrane installation, it can cause water to infiltrate the deck instead. Deck coatings extend the life of your deck, parking garages and expansion joints.
  • Foundation waterproofing systems: Waterproofing the foundation walls upholds your building’s structural integrity. We can use an epoxy injection to create a seal to prevent water and air from entering the foundation.

At Adriatic Restoration, we can examine your deck and provide deck waterproofing. We provide restoration for various buildings, including landmark, office, hi-rise and apartment buildings. Contact us today to find out more.

Understanding Façade Restoration and How It Impacts Your Business

Façade restoration not only helps restore the aesthetic of your building but also preserves the cultural landscape of your local area. Your building’s façade is the first thing anyone sees when they approach your business. First impressions are everything to a company.

The Importance of Façade Maintenance

A historical façade has functional aspects as well as aesthetics. While there are many charming components of landmark buildings, there are various functional aspects. For instance, shutters can protect you from UV rays and offer privacy to the company when necessary. Older buildings were often built to last for a long time, but that does not mean they cannot lose their structural integrity. When you do not maintain your building’s façade, you have a higher likelihood of developing expensive problems later and losing the structural integrity of the building.

The Ins and Outs of Façade Restoration

Exterior building maintenance includes repairing cracks and broken brick and waterproofing the façade. To determine the type of rehabilitation your building needs, we must analyze the materials and the reason for any deterioration. Restoration services may include masonry repair, caulking replacement, concrete repair and balcony repair. A repair or restoration involves working with existing materials to repair or restore them.

At Adriatic Restorations, we provide various façade restoration and facade maintenance services. Contact us for restoration services on landmark buildings, commercial buildings, office buildings and more in New Jersey and New York.

Concrete Replacement and Resurfacing

Save Your Balcony’s Integrity: What to Know about Concrete Balcony Repair

A concrete balcony is a significant asset to any landmark or commercial building. Unfortunately, concrete damage can create an unsightly and dangerous dilemma. At Adriatic Restoration, we understand the importance of concrete balcony repair to your overall safety.

Common Causes of Balcony Damage

Check your balcony often for damage. Not only can cracks and other damage look unsightly, but they can potentially cause structural damage. Without proper balcony waterproofing, water can seep into the cracks. During a freeze, the water expands and may result in further damage. Joints without sealant also cause problems for balcony owners. The space where the balcony meets the building is prone to damage without sealant.

All balconies should have adequate drainage to avoid water damage and ponding. Many balcony repairs become necessary because of standing water and a lack of waterproofing.

Common Types of Concrete Balcony Repair

To repair your balcony, we have to assess the concrete to find the source of the damage. Sometimes, hairline cracks can be dangerous because of inclement weather in New Jersey. Common repairs include:

  • Removing deteriorated and broken concrete
  • Applying patching materials
  • Exposing corroded steel
  • Repairing balcony railings

We also use waterproofing systems to prevent future damage.

If you require concrete balcony repair, we have the tools necessary to investigate the cause of your problems and to set you up with a resolution. At Adriatic Restoration, we provide services to office buildings, landmark buildings, hi-rises and other New Jersey businesses. Contact us today for a balcony repair consultation.

Parapet Cracks? When to Seek Parapet Brick Repair

Parapet walls are barriers at the edges of roofs, balconies and other structures. If you have a parapet wall, you may eventually require parapet brick repair services.

The Parapet Wall Dilemma

Did you know that parapet walls expand more often than other types of masonry? Parapet does not have a dead load to contain it. Movement can cause cracks, leaks and deterioration.

Any cracks or holes in the brick can weaken the building’s overall structural integrity. Damage compromises the safety of your building and eats away at the property value and hikes the energy costs.

The Parapet Brick Repair Solution

Brick restoration includes stabilizing the building and installing new, structurally sound bricks. Additionally, we can stain the brick to ensure it matches the rest of your structure. We cut out the damaged bricks and replace them.

We may need to replace the coping stones to prevent water leakage in a parapet brick repair situation. When moisture seeps into the brick, the freeze and thaw cycles wreak havoc on it.

At Adriatic Restoration, we provide services to hi-rises, landmark buildings, commercial buildings and offices in the New Jersey and New York areas. We understand how the North East weather can damage brickwork and masonry. Contact us today to find out how to repair your parapet walls.

Eifs Stucco Repair

3 Signs to Consider Wood Deck Repair

If your wood deck has seen better days, it may be time to consider wood deck repair. Over time, the elements wreak havoc on wood decks. To keep your deck structurally sound and to ensure it looks its best, learn to spot signs of damage.

Discolored Wood

Treat any discoloration with urgency. Moisture seeps into the wood if you don’t invest in a waterproofing system. Fungi grow in consistently damp conditions, like your wooden patio. Once you see signs of discoloration, you probably have a rot problem.

Take a nail and push it against the deck to test for rot. If you can push the nail into the wood, it needs to be replaced.

Wobbly Rails

Your railings do more than add a finishing touch to the deck. Depending on how high your patio is, railings may provide safety. If your railing creaks or moves, you could be putting your guests or staff in danger of falling.

Splintering Boards

Your wood deck is exposed to the elements all year round. Without a waterproof coating, moisture becomes trapped in the wood and causes cracking and splintering during freeze and thaw cycles.

At Adriatic Restoration, we understand what you need to increase your wood deck’s lifespan. We provide restoration services for landmark buildings, commercial buildings and offices in New Jersey. Contact us today for an assessment.

Parapet Wall Repair

Keep Your Parapet Brick Healthy: Understanding Parapet Brick Repair

When was the last time you thought about parapet brick repair? Parapet walls are those that extend from above the edge of your roof. The walls are more prone to movement and damage than other walls. Hence, they require a unique maintenance schedule.

What Purpose Does Your Parapet Wall Serve?

Parapet walls serve various purposes. One common purpose is to provide a design element to the building. However, they also reduce the chance of someone falling from your roof. Parapet walls may also block high winds and keep debris from falling off the rooftop.

Unfortunately, parapet walls do not have the same stability as the other walls in your building. The parapet wall contracts and expands quicker than masonry. When it expands, your wall may suffer a displacement of the cap or cracks in the brick.

How Can You Care for Your Parapet Wall?

If you have a damaged parapet wall, water enters through the cracks and can worsen the problem. To repair a brick parapet wall, we try to reuse as much of the original brick and stone as possible but may have to use new brick or fabricate new units due to damage. Parapet brick repair focuses on improving the durability of your wall through the use of tuckpointing and grinding.

At Adriatic Restoration, we are interested in providing our community with restorative services for landmark and commercial buildings in New Jersey and New York area. To ensure that your parapet wall continues to stand without damage, consult with us today.


3 Facts About Facade Waterproofing

Does your building need façade waterproofing? Your building’s façade is the first thing guests see, but it is also one of your building’s first defenses against water infiltration.

Here are three facts about waterproofing.

Facade Waterproofing Begins with Maintenance
Façade waterproofing can be a part of your façade maintenance schedule. When you maintain your building, you can detect any defects early to prevent serious repairs or a complete replacement of your façade.

Water Infiltration Can Lead to Serious Damage
Water infiltration is a lot more severe than some building owners realize. When water seeps into a building’s façade, it can lead to cracking, mold and mildew. Not only can you put the health of guests at risk with mold, but you can put the façade at risk and your building’s structural integrity. Façade restoration can help rebuild a damaged façade.

Facade Waterproofing Is a Painless Process
Façade waterproofing and facade restoration do not have to be a painful process. When restoring your building’s façade, the repair company will inspect the building, take the materials into account and determine which techniques best suit the job.

Upgrading a building’s façade should be a part of regular maintenance. Façade waterproofing not only protects your building’s curb appeal but also protects your building’s structural integrity. At Adriatic Restoration, we repair a variety of masonry. Contact us today for help with waterproofing your façade.