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Common Causes of Stucco Paint Failure

Stucco creates a textured surface that’s timelessly attractive. But unlike with other materials, stucco painting involves a lot of know-how to avoid an unsightly mess. Are you at risk for a stucco paint disaster? Here are some common pitfalls. Painting Over Poorly Prepared Stucco  Stucco takes time to cure, but many business owners think they…

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Steps to Painting a Concrete Deck

When it’s brand new, it’s hard to believe your clean concrete deck could ever get dirty. But before long, foot traffic and more can give it a gray pallor. Ready to spruce things up? Here are five quick steps for concrete deck painting. Gather the Right Tools Plan on investing in specialized concrete paint for…


Top Causes for Stucco and EIFS Repair

Stucco is a popular choice for many businesses, and synthetic versions, or Exterior Insulating and Finish System (EIFS), put a modern spin on this classic. But for all their benefits, these materials are not indestructible. Here are a few common reasons you may need to repair stucco and EIFS. Improper Installation A quick route to…

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What Can Damage Your Stone or Brick Walls?

Stucco and brick are super durable, ideal for commercial businesses. But they aren’t indestructible and any building made of these materials will eventually need repairs. Here are a few things that can land you shopping for stone repairs in Alpine, NJ. Water Damage Have you seen stucco tears in your building’s walls? This is a…

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Bring Your Cement Floor to Life with Concrete Painting

Concrete painting using amazingly strong polyurethane resin products can bring drab commercial floors to life. Employing a low-odor resin product to cover the concrete, the floor coating can create a surface that is resistant to corrosion, chipping, and denting. The polyurethane material also adds an impenetrable layer to the floor that allows for heavy foot…


Protect Your Commercial Space With Through Wall Flashing

It is important to protect your commercial property, hi-rise or condominium against the elements so that changing temperatures and moisture cannot damage the structure. Through wall flashing in NJ is an excellent way to prevent potential damage to your commercial space if done properly by a professional. The Benefits of Through Wall Flashing As the…