Facade Restoration Service in NJ & NY

Why Does Structural Façade Repair Matter to My Business?

A building’s facade is literally the face it puts forward to the public. Given enough time, every building’s facade will degrade. That’s when structural façade repair becomes critical. Needs can range from the simple to a serious overhaul of concrete masonry and stone elements. Learn more about why facade repair matters and when it’s needed.…


What Is Cosmetic Brick Staining?

  Stain is something people generally associate with wood. Few property owners know that using a similar technique on brick is even possible, though it has many advantages to paint. If you want to alter the look of your professional building, then cosmetic brick staining may be what you’re looking for. Superiority of Stain Changing…


Signs That You Need a Foundation Repair Contractor in New Jersey

The structural integrity of your commercial building relies on your foundation. The foundation is often out of sight and out of mind. You might take notice of roofing problems, ceiling leaks or window damage before you ever think about your foundation. It is crucial that you don’t forget about the foundation, however. Here are some…


Brick Expansion Joint into Your Project

Many individuals invest a significant amount of money into the renovation of a landmark building, office building, hi-rise or commercial property. It can be disappointing to discover cracks in the exterior a short while after completion. To avoid this scenario, look for a quality renovation company that can use a brick expansion joint to accommodate…


A Stucco Expansion Joint Can Make Your Building Look Great

Stucco plaster can look great on office buildings, hi-rises and commercial properties. It’s also appealing on historical landmarks because it creates a cozy vibe at first glance. Stucco plaster is also thin, however, so it must be applied carefully by knowledgeable professionals. A stucco expansion joint can prevent the plaster from cracking. Types of Stucco…

Sidewalk Bridge Install

3 Dos and Don’ts of Sidewalk Bridges

Sidewalk bridges, also called sidewalk sheds, are a staple of many urban streets. In fact, one study estimates as many as 6,000 are set up in New York City alone, protecting pedestrians from construction debris. But there’s an art to a sidewalk bridge install and plenty of potential pitfalls. Here are a few do’s and…