Concrete Replacement and Resurfacing

Is Waterproofing My Concrete Worth It?

Strong and durable, concrete is a favorite material for residential and commercial buildings alike. But it’s not invincible. One of the easiest ways to prevent cracking, crumbling concrete is through waterproof sealing. Learn how waterproofing concrete in NJ can save you money in the long run. Threats to Concrete Surfaces In commercial spaces, threats to…


3 Reasons Not to Ignore Masonry Issues

The beautiful stonework and masonry facades that decorate landmark buildings, hi rises, office buildings and many other types of commercial structures may look indestructible, but that isn’t the truth. Beneath the surface, cracks and fissures can create damage that slowly becomes irreversible. Here are a few reasons why investing in masonry restoration in NJ now…


5 Reasons You Should Waterproof Your Parking Garage in 2019

  Waterproofing might not seem like a natural priority for a parking garage, especially if it’s covered. But water is the top threat that faces garages in the long run, creating rust, corrosion and freeze-thaw cycles that can generally destroy a structure. Parking garage waterproofing is an investment that will benefit you thoroughly in the…


Parking Garage Deck Coating – Your Top Choices

Exposed to both the rigors of vehicle and foot traffic daily, parking garages are especially vulnerable areas of any building. Weather, water damage and more can quickly erode these structures. Fortunately, parking garage deck coatings and sealers can make a difference. Here are some of the most popular types. Penetrating Sealers Applied in liquid form,…

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Common Causes of Stucco Paint Failure

Stucco creates a textured surface that’s timelessly attractive. But unlike with other materials, stucco painting involves a lot of know-how to avoid an unsightly mess. Are you at risk for a stucco paint disaster? Here are some common pitfalls. Painting Over Poorly Prepared Stucco  Stucco takes time to cure, but many business owners think they…

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Steps to Painting a Concrete Deck

When it’s brand new, it’s hard to believe your clean concrete deck could ever get dirty. But before long, foot traffic and more can give it a gray pallor. Ready to spruce things up? Here are five quick steps for concrete deck painting. Gather the Right Tools Plan on investing in specialized concrete paint for…