Waterproofing deck coatings can become a costly project if not done properly. Using the correct deck coating systems becomes tricky at times when not used correctly. Deck Membranes sometimes have a reverse reaction when not installed properly. Plaza deck waterproofing and pool coatings, balcony deck coatings are just some of the areas that Adriatic has applied deck coatings. Also the complete preparation of these decks are critical to long functioning life of your concrete deck. The appropriate waterproof deck coating can do wonders in extending the life of parking garages and expansion joints.  The coating used on garages and expansion joints must be able to withstand vehicular traffic, as well as, the elements.  Adriatic will install the most cost efficient and effective waterproofing system to your parking lot or garage.  This installation will include a waterproof membraneexpansion joints sealants, and the waterproof concrete deck sealant. 

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