Eifs Stucco Repair

Why Is is so Important to Caulk Stucco EIFS Correctly?

It is vitally important that you correctly caulk stucco EIFS on your buildings, hi-rises and apartments. While stucco EIFS can provide an absolutely beautiful appearance for your building, it’s important to work with professionals during installation and maintenance in order to ensure that it is properly installed and caulked in order to maintain a waterproof seal on your building’s exterior. If your stucco EIFS is not properly caulked, these are some of the problems you could be exposing your building to:

  • Water getting behind your EIFS can damage the EIFS and reduce its lifespan, resulting in the need to undergo replacement more quickly.
  • Leaking allows water to get into your building which can cause extensive damage to the walls, leading to costly repairs or replacement of any corrupted walls.
  • Many health hazards can arise from water getting into a building where it should not be and is allowed to sit there, including mold and mildew that can have significant health effects on anyone inside of your building who is exposed to it.
  • Water damage can create unsightly discoloration for your facility, resulting in an unpleasing appearance and the need to repaint or replace affected areas.

Adriatic provides stucco EIFS caulking for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings. If you need caulking help for your stucco EIFS, get in touch today!

Eifs Stucco Repair

Why Should I Hire a Cleaning Service for Stucco EIFS Mildew Buildup?

When you manage a property you know how important it is to make sure that it is looking and functioning as well as possible at all times. One problem that many property managers are familiar with is the development of mildew, particularly during warm weather months when the humidity creates a perfect environment for its growth. If one or more of your buildings with stucco EIFS has developed mildew problems, here’s why you should get in touch with a professional immediately:

  • Mildew can be an indication of further problems with your building, and your repair professionals can check to make sure that any underlying problems responsible for the mildew are also addressed before they can develop into bigger concerns.
  • Left unaddressed, your mildew problem will continue to spread. The longer you allow it to grow, the more expensive the removal will be, so it’s better to get the mildew addressed professionally as soon as you notice it.
  • When you remove stucco EIFS mildew you help your building look better and more professional. Nobody likes seeing mildew as they enter into a building, so getting it removed ensures that nobody is put off by its appearance.

Adriatic Restoration‘s professionals remove stucco EIFS mildew on landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings. Get in touch today to see what Adriatic Restoration can do for you.