3 Facts About Facade Waterproofing

Does your building need façade waterproofing? Your building’s façade is the first thing guests see, but it is also one of your building’s first defenses against water infiltration.

Here are three facts about waterproofing.

Facade Waterproofing Begins with Maintenance
Façade waterproofing can be a part of your façade maintenance schedule. When you maintain your building, you can detect any defects early to prevent serious repairs or a complete replacement of your façade.

Water Infiltration Can Lead to Serious Damage
Water infiltration is a lot more severe than some building owners realize. When water seeps into a building’s façade, it can lead to cracking, mold and mildew. Not only can you put the health of guests at risk with mold, but you can put the façade at risk and your building’s structural integrity. Façade restoration can help rebuild a damaged façade.

Facade Waterproofing Is a Painless Process
Façade waterproofing and facade restoration do not have to be a painful process. When restoring your building’s façade, the repair company will inspect the building, take the materials into account and determine which techniques best suit the job.

Upgrading a building’s façade should be a part of regular maintenance. Façade waterproofing not only protects your building’s curb appeal but also protects your building’s structural integrity. At Adriatic Restoration, we repair a variety of masonry. Contact us today for help with waterproofing your façade.

Facade Restoration

3 Benefits of Façade Waterproofing in NJ

The façade of your commercial property often makes or breaks the reputation of your business. Your clients want to know that the building is clean and well-maintained. Façade waterproofing in NJ can go a long way towards keeping your building in top condition. Here are three benefits of waterproofing you might not know about.

1. It’s Available for All Types of Materials 

Experts have mastered the art of waterproofing. They can use advanced methodologies to treat all types of facades, including:

  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Balconies

No matter the type of exterior you have, you can spruce it up with assistance from professionals. Especially if you have an older building, waterproofing can give it new life.

2. It Guards Against Water Damage 

Rain doesn’t just wash away impurities from the exterior of your building. It can seem into the structure and cause cracks, spalling and rust. Eventually, it might affect the structural integrity of the building and the safety of your customers. Façade waterproofing in NJ and NY is a great way to alleviate these problems before they become too serious.

3. The First Consultation is Free 

The best waterproofing experts closely examine your property before deciding which actions to take. Not only are waterproofing services affordable, but the first consultation is usually free.

Façade waterproofing in NJ and NY can keep your property looking it’s best for years to come. Hopefully these three benefits offer valuable information if you’re considering waterproofing your building.