Parapet Cracks? When to Seek Parapet Brick Repair

Parapet walls are barriers at the edges of roofs, balconies and other structures. If you have a parapet wall, you may eventually require parapet brick repair services.

The Parapet Wall Dilemma

Did you know that parapet walls expand more often than other types of masonry? Parapet does not have a dead load to contain it. Movement can cause cracks, leaks and deterioration.

Any cracks or holes in the brick can weaken the building’s overall structural integrity. Damage compromises the safety of your building and eats away at the property value and hikes the energy costs.

The Parapet Brick Repair Solution

Brick restoration includes stabilizing the building and installing new, structurally sound bricks. Additionally, we can stain the brick to ensure it matches the rest of your structure. We cut out the damaged bricks and replace them.

We may need to replace the coping stones to prevent water leakage in a parapet brick repair situation. When moisture seeps into the brick, the freeze and thaw cycles wreak havoc on it.

At Adriatic Restoration, we provide services to hi-rises, landmark buildings, commercial buildings and offices in the New Jersey and New York areas. We understand how the North East weather can damage brickwork and masonry. Contact us today to find out how to repair your parapet walls.

Parapet Wall Repair

Keep Your Parapet Brick Healthy: Understanding Parapet Brick Repair

When was the last time you thought about parapet brick repair? Parapet walls are those that extend from above the edge of your roof. The walls are more prone to movement and damage than other walls. Hence, they require a unique maintenance schedule.

What Purpose Does Your Parapet Wall Serve?

Parapet walls serve various purposes. One common purpose is to provide a design element to the building. However, they also reduce the chance of someone falling from your roof. Parapet walls may also block high winds and keep debris from falling off the rooftop.

Unfortunately, parapet walls do not have the same stability as the other walls in your building. The parapet wall contracts and expands quicker than masonry. When it expands, your wall may suffer a displacement of the cap or cracks in the brick.

How Can You Care for Your Parapet Wall?

If you have a damaged parapet wall, water enters through the cracks and can worsen the problem. To repair a brick parapet wall, we try to reuse as much of the original brick and stone as possible but may have to use new brick or fabricate new units due to damage. Parapet brick repair focuses on improving the durability of your wall through the use of tuckpointing and grinding.

At Adriatic Restoration, we are interested in providing our community with restorative services for landmark and commercial buildings in New Jersey and New York area. To ensure that your parapet wall continues to stand without damage, consult with us today.