3 Ways Hi-Rise Balconies Fail

A balcony is both attractive and sought after on hi-rise buildings. But a balcony is only as good as it is stable and in many aging hi-rises, balconies are at risk of failure due to poor maintenance. Thinking of skipping hi-rise balcony repair for your building this year? Here are three risks.

Façade Collapse

In large populated areas like Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, and Clifton, balconies typically involve a concrete cantilever. Because taller buildings often aren’t subject to periodic façade inspections, there’s a chance that faulty original construction may be gradually failing, setting the stage for a collapse.


Even the best built balconies can’t last forever. Concrete spalling, cracking and other weather erosion are common threats to hi-rise balconies. Any of these can lead to balcony failure or simply pieces falling off and threatening pedestrians below.

Railing Failure

In older buildings especially, there’s often no way to vouch for the quality of original construction. When it comes to railings, faulty metal panel reinforcement has led to at least one high-profile rail failure resulting in a man falling 24 floors to the ground.

Hi-rise balconies are beautiful – but they also need to be safe. Contact Adriatic Restoration for hi-rise balcony repair on landmark buildings, office buildings and commercial buildings in New Jersey and New York areas.