3 Reasons Not to Ignore Masonry Issues

The beautiful stonework and masonry facades that decorate landmark buildings, hi rises, office buildings and many other types of commercial structures may look indestructible, but that isn’t the truth. Beneath the surface, cracks and fissures can create damage that slowly becomes irreversible. Here are a few reasons why investing in masonry restoration in NJ now is a good way to protect your building in the future.

Masonry Damage Threatens the Entire Structure

Left untreated, masonry damage can slowly destroy a building. Just one small crack can let in water, which then freezes and thaws, making holes and cracks. Masonry restoration contractors know firsthand that this eventually weakens the entire structure.

It Can Lower Property Value

Damaged stonework and masonry can signal a weakened structure and even suggests decreased energy efficiency from a building that lets out heat. The prospect of repairing the damage can dissuade would-be buyers.

Damage Can Cause an Accident

In older cities especially, it’s not uncommon for compromised stonework to fall off hi rise buildings. This can damage vehicles or even injure a passerby, creating a major liability.

Don’t let your commercial building fall into ruins. Contact a specialist in masonry restoration in NJ today to learn your options for keeping your property attractive and efficient.