Stucco Repair

Three Myths about Stucco

It’s one of the oldest building materials around and its popularity is coming back. We’re talking about stucco, a visually striking material with ancient roots and endless possibilities. Whether you’re just starting to research stucco or are ready to pick a stucco contractor, it’s worth it to separate what’s true from what’s false. Here are some of the main myths that come up when it comes to stucco.

Myth #1: Stucco Will Require Lots of Crack Repairs

Particularly when it’s freshly applied, stucco is vulnerable to high winds which can wick away moisture and lead to small cracks. The good news is that while stucco can definitely crack, you won’t necessarily need to worry about constant repairs. Hairline cracks – that is, those which are less than 1/16 of an inch – can often be left alone.

Myth #2: Stucco Cannot Be Painted

This is a myth, largely rooted in the fact that painting fresh stucco is in fact a bad idea because the paint will chip and flake. But cured stucco can be painted just like any other surface. In fact, you should probably have a stucco contractor painting your stucco surfaces at least once every 10 years to combat the inevitable fading. When you do so, make sure you use a paint made specifically for use with stucco surfaces.

Myth #3: Stucco Inspection is Hard

Whether it’s a wall or two or the entire length of a structure, older stucco structures will in fact need inspection. That’s because with time, there is the chance of invasive water damage taking hold behind the stucco. If caught early, many issues with your stucco won’t require removal. The inspection itself is not hard for a qualified stucco contractor.

Stucco is surprisingly versatile, but it’s gotten an undeserved bad rap over the years. Use these tips to learn the truth about stucco, find a good stucco contractor and you’ll soon have the durable, versatile stucco structure of your dreams.