Stucco Repair

How Do Contractors Perform Stucco Painting and Repair?

Many business owners use stucco as an exterior coating. When properly installed and maintained, the stucco can last for 100 years. Despite its durability, it is possible for the coating to crack or blister. When you have cracks, they should be repaired immediately to avoid further damage.

How Can Stucco Be Repaired?

When you have cracks in the stucco, contractors can fill the cracks with caulking. Once filled, they will wipe off the excess and allow the caulk to dry. Often, you will need more than one coat of caulking. Then, the contractor will add texture to blend the caulking. For heavy textures, contractors may use a brush to create the texture.

How Can You Finish the Stucco Repair?

Stucco painting creates a more natural look for the exterior of the building. To finish the repair, contractors will use paint that matches the area that needed repair. Instead of regular paint, you can also have a fog coat, which is a traditional cement-based finish. Otherwise, you can use an acrylic finish without the aggregate in it.

When your business has a stucco exterior, it is crucial to fix all cracks or blisters as soon as you notice them. Adriatic provides stucco painting for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings.

Stucco Repair

Common Causes of Stucco Paint Failure

Stucco creates a textured surface that’s timelessly attractive. But unlike with other materials, stucco painting involves a lot of know-how to avoid an unsightly mess. Are you at risk for a stucco paint disaster? Here are some common pitfalls.

Painting Over Poorly Prepared Stucco 

Stucco takes time to cure, but many business owners think they can fast-forward the wait and skip to painting. Painting over stucco that hasn’t properly cured or even needs exterior stucco repair can result in unsightly cracks.

Rushing to Paint 

This is another instance where a lack of patience can lead to a bad stucco painting job. Something as simple as wanting to avoid taking scaffolding down can cause a contractor to apply stucco and paint over it too quickly. Paint will not adhere properly to uncured stucco and the result will be a chalky, dusty look.

Using the Wrong Paint 

Stucco requires unique paints for adhesion. Paint that is not designed for use on stucco or is paired with the wrong primer can result in peeling and other ugly developments over time.

There are lots of great reasons to choose stucco. But when painting, it’s crucial that you follow the proper procedures. Partner with experts in stucco painting to ensure a finish you can enjoy.