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A Stucco Expansion Joint Can Make Your Building Look Great

Stucco plaster can look great on office buildings, hi-rises and commercial properties. It’s also appealing on historical landmarks because it creates a cozy vibe at first glance. Stucco plaster is also thin, however, so it must be applied carefully by knowledgeable professionals. A stucco expansion joint can prevent the plaster from cracking.

Types of Stucco Expansion Joints 

Depending on the building and the desires of the property owners, professionals can apply stucco expansion joints in several ways. They must be able to move to have the longest lasting effect. Single stucco expansion joints can be shaped in a “v”, “m” or “J”.  They can move in only one plane, thus making them more limited than other options.

A two-piece expansion joint can move in different planes. It’s typically formed by mounting casing beads over a flexible membrane. These type of expansion joints can handle a wider range of movement, about ¼ inch to ½ inch.

A three- piece stucco expansion joint is rarely used, but can be incorporated into outside corners or soffit vent expansions. Professionals in the construction or home remodeling industry can recommend the option most beneficial to your property. If applied with care, each one has the potential to make stucco look pristine for years, even if exposed to rain, snow or wind.