Boost Your Curb Appeal With Brick Restoration

Brick restoration keeps historic buildings looking their best. Damage to the brickwork decreases your building’s property value and curb appeal. First impressions matter and if clients see damage to your building, they may take their business elsewhere. Learn how to boost your curb appeal to attract more guests.

Create a Stunning Facade
Excess moisture and the freeze and thaw cycle of brick can lead to flaking or brick spalling. To fix flaking, contractors use a club or hammer to chisel the brick and remove it. If your building has a messy, chipped, and broken facade, guests may assume you neglect the building or have little structural integrity.

Invite Customers Via Landscape
Brick restoration includes more than just the brick exterior walls. Your landscape should match the building’s architecture. In addition to well-tended flowers and plants, add brick retaining walls. Your retaining walls create a border between the sidewalk and your business. If you already have brick architecture integrated into your landscape, a brick spalling repair can ensure you do not have flaking brickwork.

Warm Up Your Entry Way
As clients approach your business, they should feel welcome. If you have a hazardous entryway with messy brick paths, it is not only dangerous for your clients, but it feels unwelcoming. Restoring your brickwork should include the entryway too.

If you invest in brick restoration, you are investing in your building’s curb appeal. A lot of guests are wary of buildings with chipped, neglected brickwork. It detracts from the charm of your building and could chase off customers. With professional restoration, you can create a building customers want to visit.

Benefits of Joint Caulking Maintenance

How much do you think about caulking joints in your building? If your building has cracks or gaps, this could be the perfect environment for structural damage or water damage. Here are three benefits of caulking maintenance.

Caulking and other sealants can be used on a variety of surfaces. Stucco caulk joints, brick and other materials can benefit from caulking. In fact, there is a variety of different caulks that can also be used, depending on your building’s material. Types of caulking include:
• Silicone
• Acrylic latex
• Butyl rubber
A restoration and repair professional is more likely to know which type of material will complement your building.

Most building owners strive for energy efficiency. Energy efficiency can lower your monthly heating and cooling bills. When you invest in doors and windows caulking and no longer have drafts entering the building, you are less likely to have to worry about wasting energy.

The point of caulking is to keep your business water and airtight. When your building is drafty, it can cause your employees and clients to feel cold, not to mention it raises your heating bill substantially. Also, sealant keeps the water from entering the building. When you have water that can fit through the cracks, your building could be prone to structural damage and water damage. Mildew and mold are also a worry when it comes to water.

When you have a professional help you with caulking joints, you are less likely to have a building with water damage or high energy bills. To maintain your building’s comfort level and structural integrity, you must maintain your business’s caulking.

What Does It Take to Maintain Your Foundation?

While your foundation may be one of the most important components of your building, it is also one of the easiest components to overlook. Unfortunately, without regular inspections and commercial foundation repair, you could compromise the structural integrity of your business.

Repair Cracked Foundations
Cracks in your foundation should be inspected as soon as possible. Some cracks may be insignificant and only need simple foundation crack repair. Other cracks, however, can indicate deeper issues. If you see horizontal cracks in the foundation, this could indicate that you have a serious problem. When left alone, horizontal cracks can lead to the walls buckling under the pressure. Vertical cracks, on the other hand, tend to be superficial and can be easy to repair.

Avoid Excess Moisture
Excess moisture can wreak havoc on a building’s foundation and structural integrity. If your building’s draining system has a problem, it can lead to water buildup in the soil. The moisture in the soil can put a strain on the building’s foundation.

Without a strong foundation, your building may not be structurally sound. Since foundation does have a lifespan, regular inspections are a necessity. Fortunately, Adriatic Restoration provides commercial foundation repair for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises and commercial buildings. Regular maintenance of your building and its foundation can prevent difficult-to-repair structural damage.

Why Is Flat Roof Repair Crucial?

Flat roofs are common on commercial buildings and while durable they can still be susceptible to leaks. Flat roof repair aids in water damage prevention. Roof coatings, roof painting and roof repair are a few ways to protect your roof.

What Causes Flat Roofs to Leak?
Older roofs are more likely to leak, particularly if there are areas of deterioration. Often, leaks occur around plumbing stacks, vents and at the edge of the roof. If there is ponding water on the roof, it can also lead to damage. Certain roof coatings and paints can help eliminate ponding, leaking and even decay.

If you have pipes, gas lines, plumbing or any other structures that exit the roof’s surface, the roof may be more vulnerable to leaks.

How Can You Repair a Flat Roof?
Commercial flat roof repair involves an inspection of the roof to determine the problem. As long as action is taken quickly to repair the roof, the building is less likely to suffer from serious structural damage caused by water damage. The repair methods depend on the type of roof and membrane.

Commercial buildings often have flat roofs. If your roof is leaking, the quicker that you take care of the problem, the better. Adriatic provides roof repair for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings.

Protect Your Business with Commercial Window Repair

Commercial window repair should never be overlooked. Your business’s windows are there for more than just appearances. They reinforce your building’s safety, regulate temperature and provide curb appeal.

Why Maintain Your Windows
Sometimes, window maintenance is forgotten. If you start to experience sky-rocketing electric bills, your windows could be inefficient. You could be spending too much money heating or cooling the company. In addition to inefficiency, an unsound window can damage a building via water damage. If left alone, problems with your windows could increase, leading to a commercial window replacement.

How to Maintain Your Windows
If you are like most businesses, you cannot maintain your windows on your own. Most windows are in difficult-to-reach spaces. They may require special tools to reach the windows safely, in addition to special equipment to fix the windows.

Businesses should look towards professionals to ensure that the window functions properly and efficiently. To ensure that your window has a strong seal, lintel and window gasket repair is a must-have. For windows with fractured glass or thin glass that cannot protect against the outside elements, commercial window replacement may be the only option.

Regular window maintenance or commercial window replacement can increase a building’s energy efficiency and protect it from further damage. Adriatic Restoration provides commercial window repair for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings.

Is Brick Restoration Worth the Investment?

Without brick restoration, masonry deteriorates over time. Beautiful vintage buildings begin to look rundown while the structural integrity weakens. Instead of living with a building that shows its age in deterioration rather than charm, restoration might be the best option.

Masonry Damage Affects Your Property’s Value

Damage to the exterior of your building naturally lowers its value. Additionally, it reduces your curb appeal. If you own a business, clients or customers are less likely to show interest in a damaged building.

When looking for ways to enhance your building, you may need to invest in a new brick wall installation. In more mild cases, your masonry might just need a little tlc. For dull, worn-out brick stain might be a good option. Brick staining is an easier process than painting. It acts as a dye and enhances the brick’s natural beauty.

Masonry Repair Requires the Right Knowledge

For brick restoration to be effective, there has to be special care taken to the brickwork’s materials. Different brick structures may have different materials that require different tools or methods to clean and repair the brick. Adriatic Restoration provides brick restoration for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings.

Vintage buildings can be revitalized with brick restoration. Masonry damage can be superficial or it can indicate deeper structural issues. Investing in restoration is worth it.

Eifs Stucco Repair

Why Is is so Important to Caulk Stucco EIFS Correctly?

It is vitally important that you correctly caulk stucco EIFS on your buildings, hi-rises and apartments. While stucco EIFS can provide an absolutely beautiful appearance for your building, it’s important to work with professionals during installation and maintenance in order to ensure that it is properly installed and caulked in order to maintain a waterproof seal on your building’s exterior. If your stucco EIFS is not properly caulked, these are some of the problems you could be exposing your building to:

  • Water getting behind your EIFS can damage the EIFS and reduce its lifespan, resulting in the need to undergo replacement more quickly.
  • Leaking allows water to get into your building which can cause extensive damage to the walls, leading to costly repairs or replacement of any corrupted walls.
  • Many health hazards can arise from water getting into a building where it should not be and is allowed to sit there, including mold and mildew that can have significant health effects on anyone inside of your building who is exposed to it.
  • Water damage can create unsightly discoloration for your facility, resulting in an unpleasing appearance and the need to repaint or replace affected areas.

Adriatic provides stucco EIFS caulking for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings. If you need caulking help for your stucco EIFS, get in touch today!

Eifs Stucco Repair

Why Should I Hire a Cleaning Service for Stucco EIFS Mildew Buildup?

When you manage a property you know how important it is to make sure that it is looking and functioning as well as possible at all times. One problem that many property managers are familiar with is the development of mildew, particularly during warm weather months when the humidity creates a perfect environment for its growth. If one or more of your buildings with stucco EIFS has developed mildew problems, here’s why you should get in touch with a professional immediately:

  • Mildew can be an indication of further problems with your building, and your repair professionals can check to make sure that any underlying problems responsible for the mildew are also addressed before they can develop into bigger concerns.
  • Left unaddressed, your mildew problem will continue to spread. The longer you allow it to grow, the more expensive the removal will be, so it’s better to get the mildew addressed professionally as soon as you notice it.
  • When you remove stucco EIFS mildew you help your building look better and more professional. Nobody likes seeing mildew as they enter into a building, so getting it removed ensures that nobody is put off by its appearance.

Adriatic Restoration‘s professionals remove stucco EIFS mildew on landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings. Get in touch today to see what Adriatic Restoration can do for you.

What Should I Do if Birds Have Made Holes in My Stucco EIFS?

Nature and its many beautiful animals provide us so many lovely sights every day, but sometimes nature can get just a little bit too close. One area where that is certainly true is when animals begin to cause damage to your buildings while trying to make homes for themselves or search for food. Stucco EIFS is an attractive and effective cladding choice for buildings but sometimes that appealing look is attractive to birds, too. If you’ve discovered that your building has fallen victim to the peckings of a woodpecker or other damaging birds, you need to schedule a repair.

It’s important to repair stucco EIFS bird holes quickly once discovered. If the holes are deep enough, they may have penetrated through the stucco EIFS and can compromise the integrity of the waterproofing, leading to damage if not repaired promptly. Maintaining your stucco EIFS with quick repairs when bird holes are discovered is also important for keeping your building looking its best. By repairing the holes you don’t have to worry about making a poor first impression when somebody visits your property because there are no holes on display for them to see.

Adriatic Restoration can repair stucco EIFS bird holes on landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial building. Call today for a consultation.

Stucco Repair

How Can Painting Stucco EIFS Breathe New Life Into Your Building?

Stucco EIFS is one of the best exterior systems for buildings, and it’s popular on structures from apartment complexes to hi-rises to business districts. Stucco EIFS has many excellent perks that affect your bottom line, but there are also aesthetic reasons to consider turning to stucco EIFS for buildings you own. One of the best things about stucco EIFS compared to some other exterior options is that it can be painted to create truly beautiful looks. If you have one or more properties with stucco EIFS, here are some of the best reasons to apply a new coat of paint today:

  • When you paint stucco EIFS it is a simple way to completely change the way your building looks and can even allow for a drastic alteration to the feelings people get when they see it.
  • Many paint options include the option to include additional protection for your building, such as paints with sealant or paints that protect against sun damage.
  • A fresh coat of paint makes your building’s exterior look good as new, and removes the appearance of any staining or discoloration that has built up over the years.

Adriatic Restoration paints stucco EIFS on landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings. For professional work you can count on, get in touch with Adriatic Restoration today.