facade maintenance

Is Facade Waterproofing and Maintenance Important?

Your building’s façade is the external face of your building. In general, this refers to your building’s front face. This is what your staff and customers see when approaching the building. Maintenance on your business’s front not only enhances your curb appeal but it protects against deterioration.

Whether you are rehabilitating a building, updating or just in need of regular maintenance, you do not want to forget about the façade.

Why You Need Façade Maintenance

Façade maintenance can include façade waterproofing. The point of the maintenance is to protect your business and to repair any previous damage. If you have cracks, blisters or leaks in the seams of your building, then façade maintenance is extremely beneficial. If water leaks into your building, it can cause extensive damage to assets and to the building itself.

How to Ensure Good Quality Façade Maintenance

When rehabilitating your building façade, the contractor needs to be familiar with your building’s material. Likewise, the company needs to understand the types of materials that compromise the building. They should have experience in the latest repair techniques in restoration and waterproofing.

When it comes to building maintenance, your building may require masonry repair, concrete repair or waterproof coatings. Adriatic Restoration provides façade maintenance and waterproofing for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises and commercial buildings.

Preserve Your Property With Building Facade Waterproofing

Your building’s exterior provides an aesthetic component, but it also serves as the first line of defense against Mother Nature’s constant onslaught. As rain, snow, wind and other weather events batter your walls, small amounts of water could eventually start to infiltrate through small cracks and expand when the temperature drops. If you’re considering a facelift for your aging structure, make sure your contractor offers building facade waterproofing to help keep your property looking great for years.

Prevent Costly Structural Damage

 Water is a powerful force of nature that won’t stop until it penetrates every small crevice that stands in its path. Not only will it create crumbling when it freezes and expands, it can also lead to wood rot, mold, mildew and other dangerous conditions. By having your contractor apply a treatment to your masonry or add an additional protective layer beneath your siding, you’ll put a roadblock right in water’s path. Why end up in the same situation a few years later because you skipped building facade waterproofing?

Stop Water in Its Tracks

No matter if you’re a landlord or property manager, it’s in your best interest to provide complete protection for your commercial building, apartment structure, high rise, condominium or townhouse complex. By arranging building facade restoration, you’ll preserve your structure’s exterior beauty and prevent liquid incursions for years to come.

The facade defines not only the elegant components or the aesthetic face of a commercial, hi-rise or residential buildings, it is also an important factor for the structural design. Therefore, the facade should be kept well maintained by an expertise team of a building facade restoration contractor.