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Invest in Concrete Balcony Repair to Increase Your Commercial Space

Does your commercial building have a concrete balcony? When was the last time you upgraded or maintained it? If you’ve forgotten about your deck, it’s time to brush the dust off and start the process of concrete balcony repair. Once you invest time in proper maintenance, the balcony can become a practical space.

Why Bother with Concrete Balcony Repair for Your Business

Various commercial buildings benefit from outdoor space. For staff, a balcony represents fresh air and a place to decompress. It can be a space for workers to relax or an additional shopping space or gathering area for your clients. A balcony full of cracks, corrosion and other damages can deplete your business’s curb appeal and reduce your usable space.

When to Consider Concrete Replacement or Resurfacing for Your Property

A restoration company can assess your property to determine if your balcony requires concrete replacement and resurfacing. You can also look for the following warning signs:

  • Problems with water drainage
  • Water ponding
  • Water leaking
  • Cracks in the concrete

Concrete repair may include installing a high-quality waterproofing system to prevent further damage.

Seek Concrete Balcony Repair from the Experts

At Adriatic Restoration, we understand the importance of concrete balcony repair to your property. We provide services to owners of landmark, commercial, office and hi-rise buildings in New Jersey and New York. Contact us today to find out more about our commercial services!

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Save Your Balcony’s Integrity: What to Know about Concrete Balcony Repair

A concrete balcony is a significant asset to any landmark or commercial building. Unfortunately, concrete damage can create an unsightly and dangerous dilemma. At Adriatic Restoration, we understand the importance of concrete balcony repair to your overall safety.

Common Causes of Balcony Damage

Check your balcony often for damage. Not only can cracks and other damage look unsightly, but they can potentially cause structural damage. Without proper balcony waterproofing, water can seep into the cracks. During a freeze, the water expands and may result in further damage. Joints without sealant also cause problems for balcony owners. The space where the balcony meets the building is prone to damage without sealant.

All balconies should have adequate drainage to avoid water damage and ponding. Many balcony repairs become necessary because of standing water and a lack of waterproofing.

Common Types of Concrete Balcony Repair

To repair your balcony, we have to assess the concrete to find the source of the damage. Sometimes, hairline cracks can be dangerous because of inclement weather in New Jersey. Common repairs include:

  • Removing deteriorated and broken concrete
  • Applying patching materials
  • Exposing corroded steel
  • Repairing balcony railings

We also use waterproofing systems to prevent future damage.

If you require concrete balcony repair, we have the tools necessary to investigate the cause of your problems and to set you up with a resolution. At Adriatic Restoration, we provide services to office buildings, landmark buildings, hi-rises and other New Jersey businesses. Contact us today for a balcony repair consultation.

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What to Look for in a Concrete Balcony Repair

Maintaining a Safe Balcony

Apartment managers know a balcony can be a selling point for apartment shoppers, as well as a factor in retaining tenants. Balconies are especially important to high-rise rentals and other multi-family dwellings, allowing tenants to enjoy outside activities like barbecuing, container gardening or just watching the sunset. For aesthetic appeal and safety, it’s important that concrete balcony repairs are made at the first sign of wear.

What to Look For

  •  Cracks: All cracks are something to consider, no matter how small. Water that penetrates the cracks can freeze and expand to leave an even bigger crack. If cracks run diagonally, it may point to structural damage.
  • Spalling: A sign that water has permeated the concrete is flaking or chipping, known in the industry as “spalling.” If not repaired, the concrete will continue to deteriorate and impact both the safety and aesthetic appeal.
  • Rust: Water can damage reinforcement steel within the concrete, causing it to rust, which in turn affects the strength of the steel. This can be a huge problem if not taken care of and the concrete fails, causing an even bigger safety issue.

Make Lasting Repairs

When a crack or other damage is spotted, contact a professional repair business that can evaluate the problem and make lasting repairs. Choose a company with the ability to make a combination of repairs, so you can be sure that you’re not just fixing the problem, but also what’s causing the problem. Look for one with the following capabilities:

  • Replacement, resurfacing: Remove damaged concrete and restore the balcony.
  • Brick and adobe repair: To ensure any affected surface is repaired.
  • Repair of all things concrete: This includes steps, slabs, floors and foundations.
  • Waterproofing: Help prevent cracks and other damage by sealing concrete surfaces.

When faced with concrete balcony repairs, contact a company that specializes in commercial buildings, apartment buildings, condominiums and high-rises.