Parking Garage Restoration

Look for Stressors in Your Parking Structure

Parking garages really take a beating. Heavy vehicles, oil from leaking cars, tracked-in water, ice, chemicals and more are part of the problem. Weather conditions are another part, making these garages doubly exposed to wear and tear, both inside and out. For property managers in charge of these types of commercial structures, it’s important to regularly inspect and repair parking garage problems.

High Stress Levels

Because they are usually “out of sight, out of mind,” parking structures can be easily ignored. However, a lack of regular inspection and repair can have expensive consequences, not to mention safety issues if the concrete fails. Below are some typical sources of stress and damage.

  • Water damage: When water penetrates concrete and freezes, it expands and can rupture the surface. Look for any cracks, chipping and flaking of the concrete.
  • Rust: This indicates moisture has penetrated to the steel reinforcement inside the concrete. Repair parking garage problems such as this promptly.
  • Oil, salt, chemicals: These substances are usually tracked in by vehicles and can add to the deterioration.
  • Weight of vehicles: Concrete absorbs literally tons of pressure from all types of vehicle and the stress can eventually affect the steel reinforcement.
  • Heat and cold: Over time, continual expansion and contraction caused by weather extremes can add to cracks and other damage, including the expansion joints.

Repair Damage Promptly

Prompt repairs are a must. Ignored, the problems will only get bigger and may affect the structural integrity. There are many resources and tools available to maintain and repair concrete, but your best bet is a professional restoration company that can inspect and evaluate the situation.

Property managers and landlords of high-rise buildings, including condominiums, apartments, town homes and other commercial buildings, have a responsibility to their tenants, as well as the structure’s owner, to maintain a safe environment. At the first sign of wear and tear, get help to repair parking garage problems.

Parking Garage Restoration

Types of Garage Deck Renovations You Should Consider

If you have a high-rise building, it is more than likely that you will need to undertake garage deck renovations from time to time. Parking garages and concrete decks seem durable and secure, but they receive a lot of wear and tear and should be checked for problems on a regular basis. You may have noticed cracks on the surface of the concrete that are not caused by external damage or may want to expand the life of garages and decks. You may need a variety of renovations, including replacement of the concrete expansion joints or new coatings that will weatherproof the walls and floors of your parking garages. There are a number of garage deck renovations to choose from, and it is a good idea not to wait until there Is a problem before making improvements.

Joint Replacement and Coatings

If you see cracks developing in the concrete, you may need garage deck renovations that go beneath the surface to take care of the problem. A professional may examine your floors and decide that you need new concrete expansion joints. These expansion joints help your concrete adjust to changes in weather and humidity. Cracks can develop on the surface if joints are faulty and if moisture has seeped into the concrete. An expert will go into the concrete, remove old sealant and replace it with new sealant. Your concrete should also be coated with special materials that will make it weatherproof. Heat and cold cause an expansion and contraction of molecules that can wear out even durable materials such a concrete. Water damage can also take its toll on a deck or a parking garage. Make sure the surfaces are protected with coatings that are UV resistant, can be applied in just a few coats and are long-lasting. Don’t delay garage deck renovations, but take care of issues early to prevent damage later on.

Parking Garage Restoration

Parking Garage Deck Coating – Your Top Choices

Exposed to both the rigors of vehicle and foot traffic daily, parking garages are especially vulnerable areas of any building. Weather, water damage and more can quickly erode these structures. Fortunately, parking garage deck coatings and sealers can make a difference. Here are some of the most popular types.

Penetrating Sealers

Applied in liquid form, these work by stopping the No. 1 culprit in garage damage – water. Typically made of silane or siloxane and other silicates, these treatments block water from entering concrete, and creating a damaging freeze-thaw cycle.

Methacrylate and Epoxy Sealers

These sealers are beneficial because they can both prevent damage and restore a parking deck that’s already cracked and damaged. That’s because these parking garage deck coatings use methacrylates and epoxies to seal pores, blocking water and chloride from penetrating concrete.

Elastomeric Membranes

Non-penetrative, elastomeric membranes work by simply creating a surface barrier to shut out moisture. They’re ideal for parking garages with extreme damage or dynamic cracking and surface destruction. Affordable and easy to clean, they can offer a quick makeover for the most damaged structures.

Moisture, weather and contaminants can lead even the highest quality garages to rapidly deteriorate. If yours is going left or is already long gone, consider one of the above parking garage deck coating options to spruce it up and avoid more future expense.