Stucco Repair

Why Is Regular Stucco EIFS Repair Essential for Your Property?

It’s important to ensure you repair stucco EIFS on your buildings anytime they suffer any damage that harms the structural integrity of the EIFS. Cladding a structure with stucco EIFS helps it to maintain temperature better, lowering your energy costs, while also serving to waterproof the building to avoid any potentially costly water damage. All of these benefits can go away if it is not properly maintained, however. If your buildings have stucco EIFS, here are the top reasons to make sure that you are getting regular maintenance and promptly ordering any necessary repairs when damage is discovered.

  • Ordering repairs when a problem is small prevents it from developing into a problem that is much bigger and significantly more expensive to repair.
  • Damage to your building’s stucco EIFS can harm the effectiveness of your EIFS which can lead to other costly losses.
  • Regular maintenance and repair keep your stucco EIFS looking its best, which is essential for maintaining an attractive look to your building’s occupants and visitors.

When it’s time to repair stucco EIFS on your properties, you need to find professionals you can trust to get the job done right and done on time. Adriatic Restoration provides stucco EIFS repair for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial building.