Is Concrete Deck Painting Beneficial?

If you can properly maintain your concrete deck, it can last your business for up to 30 years. One way to maintain your deck and reap several benefits is through concrete deck painting.

Here are three main benefits of painting your business’s concrete deck.

Curb Appeal

Painted concrete looks better. It is bright, clean and may be more pleasant for your guests and staff to look at. When it comes to your business’s atmosphere, it should always be professional and safe. If you paint your deck, it will look nicer.

Durable Deck

A concrete deck can chip easily if you do not treat it. You can seal and paint a concrete deck to ensure that your deck is more durable. While you can invest in waxing and treatment, you must redo this regularly. With painted concrete, you do not have to do repeated maintenance as often.


Concrete has a reputation for staining easily. When you invest in concrete deck painting, it resists oils, chemicals and other contaminants. It is less likely to stain when presented with dirt buildup.

When a company paints concrete, it will usually pressure wash, fill cracks and then begin the painting process. Adriatic provides concrete deck painting for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings.

Steps to Painting a Concrete Deck

When it’s brand new, it’s hard to believe your clean concrete deck could ever get dirty. But before long, foot traffic and more can give it a gray pallor. Ready to spruce things up? Here are five quick steps for concrete deck painting.

Gather the Right Tools

Plan on investing in specialized concrete paint for decks. You’ll also need masonry sealant and primer, a clear finishing sealant to apply after painting and naturally, a sprayer or several rollers.

Clean Your Deck

The only thing worse than a dirty concrete deck is one with painted on debris. Avoid this by sweeping your deck thoroughly. Next wash your deck down with grease cutting soap, rinse and dry.

Fix Repairs

Concrete deck painting over cracks is bad practice, so plan to repair any minor nicks before you paint.  Clean cracks with a wire brush or vacuum and fill with masonry crack filler.


Following the directions for your products, apply masonry sealant and primer onto the deck directly and spread over a few square feet at a time.

You’ll need to wait 24 hours for the paint to dry before applying sealant. If this all sounds like a lot of work, choose instead a knowledgeable concrete deck painting contractor in NJ and NY with years of experience. You won’t regret it!