Eifs Stucco Repair

How Does Cleaning Stucco EIFS Extend Its Life?

Few building surfaces are more attractive than clean stucco EIFS, however, as time goes by it’s only natural for the finish to begin to acquire some dirt from exposure to the elements. If you have a building that is currently clad with stucco EIFS and you haven’t had it cleaned recently, you may be surprised by how much better it can look after cleaning. Here are the top reasons to get your stucco EIFS cleaned today:

  • The most obvious benefit of cleaning your stucco EIFS is how great it looks after you do. You can help your building look its absolute best by scheduling regular professional cleanings.
  • Cleaning your stucco EIFS is also a great way to maintain its value. Allowing dirt and debris to remain can lead to damage that shortens its lifespan.
  • Uncleaned stucco EIFS can also lead to damage to the underlying structure by allowing dirt and other outside contaminants to get behind the EIFS.

Adriatic provides stucco EIFS cleaning for landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings. If your stucco EIFS is looking dirty or discolored, then you need to reach out today to schedule your facility for a cleaning. You’ll be amazed how great your building looks when it is freshly cleaned and the dirt and debris have all been removed.