Brick Expansion Joint into Your Project

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Many individuals invest a significant amount of money into the renovation of a landmark building, office building, hi-rise or commercial property. It can be disappointing to discover cracks in the exterior a short while after completion. To avoid this scenario, look for a quality renovation company that can use a brick expansion joint to accommodate the natural movements of bricks, thus increasing their lifespan.

Brick expansion joints are used to battle the degrading effects of moisture, heat, material settlement and creep. They’re created by inserting vertical or horizontal brick wythes, which are essentially special structural units, into a building. As a brick expands, the wythes contract. Professionals should know exactly where to place brick wythes to get the most impact. They do not have to be placed over every square inch of an exterior.

Brick wythes resist water penetration and air filtration in order to preserve a beautifully rustic exterior of a building. For extra protection, professionals may apply a sealant to battle nasty wind, rain and snow. If a job is completed correctly, your building can look pristine for many years and require only routine cleaning. Rather than risking an expensive repair job to remove stubborn cracks, you can hire professionals with the know-how of how to properly use a brick expansion joint.