Stucco Repair

High Rise Stucco Buildings Are Timeless

When building a new property, you’ll find that there are a number of decisions to be made, not the least of which is the exterior finish. High rise stucco buildings are popular for a number of reasons, primary among them the fact that stucco can last for hundreds of years if properly maintained. Stucco is as timeless as it is elegant, and installation and upkeep by a qualified professional will keep your property looking amazing for decades to come.

A commercial building stucco finish requires little to no upkeep. You’ll find that there are occasional blisters and cracks that should be repaired when they happen. Correcting that damage when it’s still a small problem will save you time and money in the long run by preventing a larger issue. The damage should be addressed by a professional stucco contractor who can ensure that the work is done to the highest standards so that it will last as long as the rest of your finish.

High rise stucco buildings provide a timeless look, little continuing maintenance, and an enduring finish. For those reasons and others, more and more property owners turn to stucco to set their properties apart from the rest. A qualified stucco contractor can help you attain a gorgeous, durable façade for your property with an affordable and reasonable cost.

Making a Statement With Cosmetic Brick Staining in NYC

Sometimes commercial buildings, high rise and apartment complex buildings need upgrading. During the renovation process, a large section of the bricks may be removed and then must be replaced. Rarely are the new bricks the same color or texture as the old bricks because over time masonry can become dingy and dull due to inclement weather and destructive UV rays. When that happens, don’t paint it, instead call a specialist that knows about cosmetic brick staining in NYC. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

Remodeling isn’t the only time to have your building stained. Red brick often bleeds out and turn pink or orange over time. Staining can change the color, brighten faded hues, or even add new life to old brick.

Long Lasting

A special masonry stain penetrates the surface of each brick. As it soaks into the different layers, it deposits pigments; therefore, the stain can last for years with no chipping, peeling or bubbling. This type of brick repair and restoration in NYC can also easily match your brick color, but you may want to stain all your building’s brickwork. Stain can protect the masonry from acid rain and further fading.

Cost Effective

Cosmetic brick staining in NYC is a relatively inexpensive and very effective way to update your building’s bricks. Whether your commercial building needs a face-lift or a renovation, try staining your bricks for the look for a beautiful new building.

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Contractors Help Protect the Integrity of Your Commercial Building

Your foundation is the most integral part of your building, as it holds up everything else above it, from your interior walls to your subflooring. If your foundation has cracks or fissures, your business can become susceptible to a number of greater issues, including cracks in your walls, broken plumbing, burst gas lines and other increasingly problematic concerns. Because of this, it is imperative to work with foundation repair contractors as soon as you learn of the problem.

Not all foundation cracks are of major concern. When you spot any hairline fractures or foundation issues, check to see if water is able to seep in or if it grows at all. If you notice a crack that slowly increases in size, it means that your foundation is moving, at which point, your commercial building is in definitely need of foundation repair and stabilization.

Contacting a team of foundation repair contractors at the first sign of trouble can save your commercial property from accruing any major structural issues, and therefore, your hard earned money being spend on thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Don’t let your foundation issues get out of hand—correct the problems when they’re still small and you’ll save yourself a lot of headache and money in the long run!

Services are available to property managers, landlords, business owners, apartment buildings, high rises, and condominiums alike.

Preserve Your Property With Building Facade Waterproofing

Your building’s exterior provides an aesthetic component, but it also serves as the first line of defense against Mother Nature’s constant onslaught. As rain, snow, wind and other weather events batter your walls, small amounts of water could eventually start to infiltrate through small cracks and expand when the temperature drops. If you’re considering a facelift for your aging structure, make sure your contractor offers building facade waterproofing to help keep your property looking great for years.

Prevent Costly Structural Damage

 Water is a powerful force of nature that won’t stop until it penetrates every small crevice that stands in its path. Not only will it create crumbling when it freezes and expands, it can also lead to wood rot, mold, mildew and other dangerous conditions. By having your contractor apply a treatment to your masonry or add an additional protective layer beneath your siding, you’ll put a roadblock right in water’s path. Why end up in the same situation a few years later because you skipped building facade waterproofing?

Stop Water in Its Tracks

No matter if you’re a landlord or property manager, it’s in your best interest to provide complete protection for your commercial building, apartment structure, high rise, condominium or townhouse complex. By arranging building facade restoration, you’ll preserve your structure’s exterior beauty and prevent liquid incursions for years to come.

The facade defines not only the elegant components or the aesthetic face of a commercial, hi-rise or residential buildings, it is also an important factor for the structural design. Therefore, the facade should be kept well maintained by an expertise team of a building facade restoration contractor.

Parking Garage Restoration

Look for Stressors in Your Parking Structure

Parking garages really take a beating. Heavy vehicles, oil from leaking cars, tracked-in water, ice, chemicals and more are part of the problem. Weather conditions are another part, making these garages doubly exposed to wear and tear, both inside and out. For property managers in charge of these types of commercial structures, it’s important to regularly inspect and repair parking garage problems.

High Stress Levels

Because they are usually “out of sight, out of mind,” parking structures can be easily ignored. However, a lack of regular inspection and repair can have expensive consequences, not to mention safety issues if the concrete fails. Below are some typical sources of stress and damage.

  • Water damage: When water penetrates concrete and freezes, it expands and can rupture the surface. Look for any cracks, chipping and flaking of the concrete.
  • Rust: This indicates moisture has penetrated to the steel reinforcement inside the concrete. Repair parking garage problems such as this promptly.
  • Oil, salt, chemicals: These substances are usually tracked in by vehicles and can add to the deterioration.
  • Weight of vehicles: Concrete absorbs literally tons of pressure from all types of vehicle and the stress can eventually affect the steel reinforcement.
  • Heat and cold: Over time, continual expansion and contraction caused by weather extremes can add to cracks and other damage, including the expansion joints.

Repair Damage Promptly

Prompt repairs are a must. Ignored, the problems will only get bigger and may affect the structural integrity. There are many resources and tools available to maintain and repair concrete, but your best bet is a professional restoration company that can inspect and evaluate the situation.

Property managers and landlords of high-rise buildings, including condominiums, apartments, town homes and other commercial buildings, have a responsibility to their tenants, as well as the structure’s owner, to maintain a safe environment. At the first sign of wear and tear, get help to repair parking garage problems.

Commercial Windows Repairs and Replacement

4 Characteristics You Want in a Window Repair Contractor

There is nothing like dealing with a cracked, broken, or dated window. Often, the consequences include dealing with drafts, safety issues, and visual distaste. Fortunately, with the help of a professional, you can quickly fix these issues and enjoy optimal function of your windows. When working with a window repair contractor, these following four characteristics are essential.

  1. Consistency

Professional services that are reputable and trustworthy will always provide consistent results. From start to finish, you can anticipate the outcome to be in compliance with promised claims. All work will be consistent from quality, to timing, to appearance.

  1. Quality

Anytime you are working with a window repair contractor, you can be confident in the quality of the products used and workmanship provided. Quality outputs will be guaranteed to last for many more years than lackluster results.

  1. Attention to Detail

When a professional pays attention to the smallest details, he or she can help reduce unnecessary waste of your resources. Additionally, vigilance can guarantee that everything is fixed appropriately to eliminate additional repairs.

  1. Professionalism

An expert should always deal professionally from communication, to time management, to payment of dues. When you have evidence of professionalism, you can be confident you have found a reliable contractor.

Whether you are a property manager, landlord, or owner of a high rise, apartment, or other commercial building, when you recognize the need for assistance from a window repair contractor, remember to look for behaviors that demonstrate trustworthiness. These include consistency, professionalism, quality workmanship and products, and attention to detail.

Deck Drainage Systems

What to Look for in a Concrete Balcony Repair

Maintaining a Safe Balcony

Apartment managers know a balcony can be a selling point for apartment shoppers, as well as a factor in retaining tenants. Balconies are especially important to high-rise rentals and other multi-family dwellings, allowing tenants to enjoy outside activities like barbecuing, container gardening or just watching the sunset. For aesthetic appeal and safety, it’s important that concrete balcony repairs are made at the first sign of wear.

What to Look For

  •  Cracks: All cracks are something to consider, no matter how small. Water that penetrates the cracks can freeze and expand to leave an even bigger crack. If cracks run diagonally, it may point to structural damage.
  • Spalling: A sign that water has permeated the concrete is flaking or chipping, known in the industry as “spalling.” If not repaired, the concrete will continue to deteriorate and impact both the safety and aesthetic appeal.
  • Rust: Water can damage reinforcement steel within the concrete, causing it to rust, which in turn affects the strength of the steel. This can be a huge problem if not taken care of and the concrete fails, causing an even bigger safety issue.

Make Lasting Repairs

When a crack or other damage is spotted, contact a professional repair business that can evaluate the problem and make lasting repairs. Choose a company with the ability to make a combination of repairs, so you can be sure that you’re not just fixing the problem, but also what’s causing the problem. Look for one with the following capabilities:

  • Replacement, resurfacing: Remove damaged concrete and restore the balcony.
  • Brick and adobe repair: To ensure any affected surface is repaired.
  • Repair of all things concrete: This includes steps, slabs, floors and foundations.
  • Waterproofing: Help prevent cracks and other damage by sealing concrete surfaces.

When faced with concrete balcony repairs, contact a company that specializes in commercial buildings, apartment buildings, condominiums and high-rises.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Keeping Your Commercial Roof in Good Repair

A roof is as important to a building as the foundation, serving to protect the structure from the elements and aid in heating and cooling the building.

Improperly Installed Flashing and Pitch Pans

A major cause of roof leaks is failed flashing, which is installed around pipes, vents, chimneys and other objects on the roof to deflect water before it can seep into seams and joints. Flashing fails due to damage from expansion and contraction in hot and cold weather, which causes it to tear. Pitch pans seal the area around any pipes that rise from the roof. If not properly maintained or sealing elements did not take, water can run down the pipe into the roof.

Standing Water

A bad roof design or installation is the main culprit in causing standing water, although it can also be caused by a clogged drain. Standing water can cause the roof to deteriorate and leak, creating a need for commercial roof repair. Design of a level roof should include a slope with diminishing insulation or crickets. If your roof has been waterproofed and is still collecting standing water, consider whether application of the waterproofing material is too thin or if water could be leaking from an HVAC system.

Punctures and Problems Following Installation

Caution is needed when additional work or traffic is done on the roof. Heavy equipment, tools and even foot traffic can puncture and damage the waterproofing membranes. Like a crack in concrete, even small cuts and scrapes can be the start of a leaky roof.

Every roof is different and presents unique challenges for commercial roof repair. It’s a good idea for landlords and property managers of high-rise apartment and condominium complexes or commercial buildings to perform routine inspections and contact a professional restoration company for any repairs.

Balcony Waterproofing

High Rise Waterproofing Tips

High rise waterproofing is something you may not have thought about, but it is important for keeping a building in solid condition on the inside and the outside. In a regular home, you may be able to spot leaks relatively quickly because of certain telltale signs that are noticeable. With larger buildings, it may take longer to see the signs of trouble until damage has already been done. Therefore, taking the time to ensure that your building is waterproofed, to begin with, can prevent damage and expensive repairs down the line. Make sure your building’s exteriors are waterproofed with advanced materials that are resistant to extremes of heat and cold, allow breathability and are long-lasting. Professionals who apply these coatings should guarantee their work and make repairs when necessary. High rise waterproofing is essential to keep your building looking its best and functioning well for many years.

What Kind of Coatings Does Your Building Need?

When you hire a company that focuses on high rise waterproofing, you should expect the best kind of materials for preventing water from reaching the interiors of the building. Coatings should be versatile and work effectively on a variety of surfaces. It is important that the material is UV resistant and allows for the circulation of air without creating leaks. Effective waterproof coatings resist the growth of fungus, mold, and mildew and prevent moisture from seeping in and damaging the walls. Applying coatings to the exteriors of a high rise can be a complicated process, and you should work with a company that has many years’ experience and a track record of success. Effective coatings should be applied effectively in just a few coats and should be aesthetically pleasing as well as designed to last. High rise weatherproofing professionals are knowledgeable about what kinds of coatings best suit your building and how to apply them so they do not need frequent touch-ups.

Parking Garage Restoration

Types of Garage Deck Renovations You Should Consider

If you have a high-rise building, it is more than likely that you will need to undertake garage deck renovations from time to time. Parking garages and concrete decks seem durable and secure, but they receive a lot of wear and tear and should be checked for problems on a regular basis. You may have noticed cracks on the surface of the concrete that are not caused by external damage or may want to expand the life of garages and decks. You may need a variety of renovations, including replacement of the concrete expansion joints or new coatings that will weatherproof the walls and floors of your parking garages. There are a number of garage deck renovations to choose from, and it is a good idea not to wait until there Is a problem before making improvements.

Joint Replacement and Coatings

If you see cracks developing in the concrete, you may need garage deck renovations that go beneath the surface to take care of the problem. A professional may examine your floors and decide that you need new concrete expansion joints. These expansion joints help your concrete adjust to changes in weather and humidity. Cracks can develop on the surface if joints are faulty and if moisture has seeped into the concrete. An expert will go into the concrete, remove old sealant and replace it with new sealant. Your concrete should also be coated with special materials that will make it weatherproof. Heat and cold cause an expansion and contraction of molecules that can wear out even durable materials such a concrete. Water damage can also take its toll on a deck or a parking garage. Make sure the surfaces are protected with coatings that are UV resistant, can be applied in just a few coats and are long-lasting. Don’t delay garage deck renovations, but take care of issues early to prevent damage later on.