Commercial Roof Repair: Understanding Common Problems and Their Solutions

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Commercial roof repair keeps your building in top shape.  Without proper installation and maintenance, your roof will not perform correctly.  Instead, improper installation or lack of restoration can lead to structural and building damage.

Flat Roof Problems

Before determining if you need flat roof repair, understand the issues that can arise.

One of the most common issues flat roof’s face is due to exposure to the elements.  Overexposure to the sun, wind and hail can cause damage.  Water can pond and leave the roof sagging for roofs without proper drainage.

Other issues include:

  • Punctures
  • Tears
  • Debris

Buildings naturally expand and contract.  Thermal movement occurs because of the outside temperature.  When buildings expand and contract, the roof membranes crack and split around the flashing, seams and penetrations.

Emergency Roof Repair

A damaged roof could require emergency roof repair.  For example, a leak can cause water to pool or drain into the insulation, decking and roofing materials.  When emergency contractors show up at your building, they can perform the following:

  • Leak detection
  • Rubber roof repair
  • Roof flashing repair

Emergency contractors arrive as quickly as possible for a roofing emergency.

Your commercial roof is one of the most critical structural elements of your building.  For commercial roof repair, contact Adriatic Restoration. We provide restoration services for New Jersey office, landmark, commercial and apartment buildings.