How Can Painting Stucco EIFS Breathe New Life Into Your Building?

Stucco Repair

Stucco EIFS is one of the best exterior systems for buildings, and it’s popular on structures from apartment complexes to hi-rises to business districts. Stucco EIFS has many excellent perks that affect your bottom line, but there are also aesthetic reasons to consider turning to stucco EIFS for buildings you own. One of the best things about stucco EIFS compared to some other exterior options is that it can be painted to create truly beautiful looks. If you have one or more properties with stucco EIFS, here are some of the best reasons to apply a new coat of paint today:

  • When you paint stucco EIFS it is a simple way to completely change the way your building looks and can even allow for a drastic alteration to the feelings people get when they see it.
  • Many paint options include the option to include additional protection for your building, such as paints with sealant or paints that protect against sun damage.
  • A fresh coat of paint makes your building’s exterior look good as new, and removes the appearance of any staining or discoloration that has built up over the years.

Adriatic Restoration paints stucco EIFS on landmark buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, apartments and commercial buildings. For professional work you can count on, get in touch with Adriatic Restoration today.