New Jersey Weather Can Wreak Havoc on Apartment Buildings

Owners and property managers may require hirise restoration to ensure building safety throughout all seasons, particularly during the frigid winter months. Understanding how the weather impacts apartment complexes and other hirises can help property managers determine which steps to take to preserve the building.

The Need for Hirise Restoration for New Jersey Apartments

Concrete and brick assembly is common in hirises and apartments, particularly in historic construction. In the winter, the freeze-thaw cycle can cause major damage to concrete and brick. As water fills up inside porous, rigid material like concrete, then freezes and expands, it can cause cracking as a result.

Hirise Restoration and Protection from the Elements

To prevent damage throughout the NJ cold season, you have to ensure that water does not enter the roof edges and parapets. Apartment restoration after winter damage focuses on controlling the snow and rain penetration, along with installing water-resistant brick and concrete that can withstand freeze-thaw damage. Additionally, some buildings may require basement or foundation waterproofing.

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