Stucco Repair: Top 3 Signs Your Stucco Is Failing

Stucco Repair

To preserve your landmark building or business, you must invest time and effort into regular maintenance. While stucco is one of the oldest building materials and is well-known for its longevity, exterior stucco repair may still be necessary to preserve your building’s longevity. Fortunately, three signs can help you identify an issue with your exterior.

1. Years Have Passed Since Your Last Exterior Stucco Repair

The first sign that your stucco may be failing is a lack of routine maintenance. While stucco can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years, it requires stucco painting at least once every five to 10 years. On top of that, you should have regular visual and moisture probe inspections to determine if there is damage.

2. Stucco Is Beginning to Turn Black

During an inspection of your building, look for signs of cracking and discoloration. Discoloration can occur for a few different reasons. First, rainwater can wash contaminants onto the exterior walls where they absorb into the stucco. Another cause of discoloration is rotted wood. Rotted wood bleeds from beneath the stucco and causes a dark color.

3. Cracks Are Forming in the Stucco Installation

Unfortunately, stucco is capable of cracking under various circumstances. While hairline cracks may only require minor repairs, diagonal cracks can indicate a problem with the foundation. An inspection of the cracks is necessary to determine the root cause.

Choose Exterior Stucco Repair to Protect Your Building

You must invest time and energy into exterior stucco repair to protect your building. At Adriatic Restoration, we provide restoration services for stucco hi-rise, landmark and commercial buildings. Request a quote for your services today.