Waterproofing Services Increase the Longevity of Your Building

Below Grade Waterproofing

Water damage can become a significant risk for all building owners who do not invest in waterproofing service. Individual buildings have different requirements to ensure their safety; some may require various treatment options to create a waterproof and safe building.

Understanding the Different Types of Waterproofing Service

Your building’s foundation is critical to its ability to retain structural integrity. If water damage cracks the concrete foundation or the slab drops or shifts, you may have to restore the foundation. Below grade waterproofing uses urethane injections or grouting to waterproof basements or foundations.

Concrete balconies can also become compromised when you do not have water protection. The concrete can crack and the steel reinforcements can rust. Balcony waterproofing prevents water from penetrating the concrete.

Learning the Signs of Damage Before Seeking a Waterproofing Service

A thorough inspection of your commercial or landmark building could tell you whether you have any significant water damage. Professionals know what details to look for, including more subtle details you may miss. However, if you notice mold within the building, water stains or changes to the slope under your business, you may already have water damage.

Fortunately, there are various solutions to water damage. At Adriatic Restoration, we will dedicate our time and energy to determining which waterproofing service suits your current situation. At Adriatic, we focus on restoring hirise, landmark and commercial buildings. Contact us today for a quote!