3 Signs to Consider Wood Deck Repair

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If your wood deck has seen better days, it may be time to consider wood deck repair. Over time, the elements wreak havoc on wood decks. To keep your deck structurally sound and to ensure it looks its best, learn to spot signs of damage.

Discolored Wood

Treat any discoloration with urgency. Moisture seeps into the wood if you don’t invest in a waterproofing system. Fungi grow in consistently damp conditions, like your wooden patio. Once you see signs of discoloration, you probably have a rot problem.

Take a nail and push it against the deck to test for rot. If you can push the nail into the wood, it needs to be replaced.

Wobbly Rails

Your railings do more than add a finishing touch to the deck. Depending on how high your patio is, railings may provide safety. If your railing creaks or moves, you could be putting your guests or staff in danger of falling.

Splintering Boards

Your wood deck is exposed to the elements all year round. Without a waterproof coating, moisture becomes trapped in the wood and causes cracking and splintering during freeze and thaw cycles.

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