5 Reasons You Should Waterproof Your Parking Garage in 2019

Parking Garage Restoration

Waterproofing might not seem like a natural priority for a parking garage, especially if it’s covered. But water is the top threat that faces garages in the long run, creating rust, corrosion and freeze-thaw cycles that can generally destroy a structure. Parking garage waterproofing is an investment that will benefit you thoroughly in the long run. Here are the top five reasons to waterproof your parking garage.

  • Cracks and Spalls

Water getting into a garage can penetrate concrete, freezing and expanding or introducing erosive chlorine and chemicals. The result is cracking and crumbling.

  • Poor Drainage

Water that gets into a garage often pools and forms puddles that are frustrating and even dangerous for drivers.

  • Weakened Structure

Water can gradually erode reinforced steel as well as joint sealants between fixtures and concrete floors. This can create a dangerous weakening of your structure.

  • Damaged Cars

Water can contain chemicals and even salt that, if allowed to drop or splash onto cars in a parking garage, can begin to damage auto paint.

Simply put, water is one of the biggest threats to a well-functioning parking garage. A waterproof parking deck creates a better experience overall. Get ahead of the threats posed by this element by working with a reputable company with experience in parking garage waterproofing well before you see the telltale signs of water damage.