My Window Gaskets Failed – Do I Need New Windows?

Many components help windows keep out air, water and debris, including their gaskets. When these deteriorate, windows are no longer able to do their job of keeping what’s outside from getting inside. Window replacement may seem inevitable, but there are cheaper options like aluminum window gasket repair. Learn more about fixing the windows on your commercial property for less.

What Are Gaskets

Often made of materials like aluminum, rubber or neoprene, gaskets cushion your windows glazing. Poor gasket performance can result in things like:

  • Leaks
  • Drafty rooms
  • Higher utility bills

When gaskets fail, window replacement is often the answer. But not always.

Gasket Replacement

Replacing aluminum window gaskets is one affordable option.  Simply remove existing perimeter gaskets and install new ones. This may occasionally require removing glazing, which can be costly. But it’s still cheaper than replacing all of your windows.


Sometimes windows are too old for gasket replacement and that’s when sealants can come into play. Repairs involve cutting a portion of the gasket bulb and replacing with elastomeric sealant. Be aware that sealant will require maintenance, so it’s not a permanent fix.

Leaky windows are an expensive pain, but replacing them isn’t the only answer. Consider aluminum window gasket repair or sealant before you pour money into such a pricey fix.