Parking Garage Restoration

Saving Your Garage After Parking Deck Leaking Appears

Maintaining a parking structure can be a constant struggle for building owners or facility managers. To complicate matters, multi-level parking hubs often face the onslaught of harsh weather conditions while protecting visitors and clients. As vehicles leave de-icing chemicals, salt, and oil behind on the deck surface, the concrete can corrode and crack leaving the structure exposed and visitors vulnerable. One of the first signs of a serious problem is often parking deck leaking in NJ and NY.

Repairs Needed

When water is seen leaking, puddling, or pooling in the structure, it can be a clear sign the garage needs repairs. This is because when a NJ parking garage leak lets water sit, it can do extensive damage such as:

  • Penetrate the concrete
  • Create large cracks
  • Expose the rebar structural system

If left unattended, the consequences of a NJ parking garage leak can be structural integrity loss and weakening of the building construction. If rust stains appear on the concrete surface of the garage, or exposed metal appears rusted, consider contacting restoration service professionals as soon as possible to repair the damage.

Prevention Required

Repairs to a parking deck leaking in NJ and NY may not seem critical, but the surface of the garage can deteriorate rather quickly after cracks appear. Ignoring the cracks can become very costly. At the first sign of a problem, consider having a specialist inspect the garage to let you know how the structure is holding up and what can be done to extend its long life.

Brick Restoration Brick Wall Repair

Protect Your Commercial Space With Through Wall Flashing

It is important to protect your commercial property, hi-rise or condominium against the elements so that changing temperatures and moisture cannot damage the structure. Through wall flashing in NJ is an excellent way to prevent potential damage to your commercial space if done properly by a professional.

The Benefits of Through Wall Flashing

As the seasons change from bitter cold to intense heat, the walls of your building will expand and contract with the temperature. While this movement is natural, it can create problems if moisture is trapped in the walls during the hot days and then freezes over during the cold. To protect against the crumbling of your walls as a result, here is what through wall flashing in NJ does to help:

• Diverts moisture that may be trapped in the walls by sending it outside.
• Strategically placed by professionals in the walls where there is potential for water damage.
• Prevents leaks as well as the deterioration of the walls.

Through wall flashing is highly effective, but may not be ideal in places that have earthquakes. However, if your commercial property needs a trusted method of protecting against trapped moisture in the walls and leaking, contact a local professional soon to find out more about through wall flashing in NJ for your commercial space, hi-rise, or condominium.

Adriatic Restoration have the experts that are also skillfully adept at performing brick wall installation, or brick staining projects for commercial buildings, condominiums, office buildings, or commercial properties in New Jersey.

Our company works efficiently and professionally in Thru-wall flashing and Lintel repair and replacement preventing any further damage.

Concrete Repair

Bring Your Cement Floor to Life with Concrete Painting

Concrete painting using amazingly strong polyurethane resin products can bring drab commercial floors to life. Employing a low-odor resin product to cover the concrete, the floor coating can create a surface that is resistant to corrosion, chipping, and denting. The polyurethane material also adds an impenetrable layer to the floor that allows for heavy foot traffic without damaging the durable material. The tough surface can also withstand scuffing, peeling, and cracking.

Continuous Application

Commercial garages, office spaces, and retail showrooms are perfect places to let the beauty and shine of the coated concrete enhance the work areas. The glossy look can also be utilized in research buildings and medical facilities that need a seamless floor covering that won’t allow mold, bacteria, or viruses to grow. The solid, continuous application can also provide an area that is not only beautiful, but one that is easy to clean and sanitize as well.

Individual Designs

Although the moisture-curing polyurethane resin has been around for quite a few years, the actual modern commercial painting application is relatively new. Now with a multitude of aggregate colors and blends to add to the waterproof flooring, the individuality of designs and styles in concrete painting is almost endless. It has never been easier to transform a drab, gloomy commercial building into an eye-catching workroom.

Eifs Stucco Repair

Top Causes for Stucco and EIFS Repair

Stucco is a popular choice for many businesses, and synthetic versions, or Exterior Insulating and Finish System (EIFS), put a modern spin on this classic. But for all their benefits, these materials are not indestructible. Here are a few common reasons you may need to repair stucco and EIFS.

Improper Installation

A quick route to trouble with stucco and EIFS is installation on flat surfaces. Stucco must always be applied to sloped surfaces to ensure proper drainage or your business will eventually need EIFS stucco wall repair.

Missing Sealants

One of the biggest pitfalls for EIFS cladding lies in incorrect sealant joints. Sealant that is improperly applied or even missing can allow water to penetrate the surface, launching a devastating cycle of erosion.

Hidden Water Damage Sources

It’s often easy to see when EIFS water damage has occurred. Less obvious, however, can be the source. Hidden sources can include something as subtle as a sprinkler system installed too close to a building, or improper drainage. Overlook these little things and you’ll find yourself needing to repair stucco and EIFS.

These common pitfalls can cost you big in the end. If you’ve already become a victim, call a professional EIFS and stucco contractor in NY/NJ region who specializes in commercial repairs to get your facade back on the right track.

Stucco Repair

Common Causes of Stucco Paint Failure

Stucco creates a textured surface that’s timelessly attractive. But unlike with other materials, stucco painting involves a lot of know-how to avoid an unsightly mess. Are you at risk for a stucco paint disaster? Here are some common pitfalls.

Painting Over Poorly Prepared Stucco 

Stucco takes time to cure, but many business owners think they can fast-forward the wait and skip to painting. Painting over stucco that hasn’t properly cured or even needs exterior stucco repair can result in unsightly cracks.

Rushing to Paint 

This is another instance where a lack of patience can lead to a bad stucco painting job. Something as simple as wanting to avoid taking scaffolding down can cause a contractor to apply stucco and paint over it too quickly. Paint will not adhere properly to uncured stucco and the result will be a chalky, dusty look.

Using the Wrong Paint 

Stucco requires unique paints for adhesion. Paint that is not designed for use on stucco or is paired with the wrong primer can result in peeling and other ugly developments over time.

There are lots of great reasons to choose stucco. But when painting, it’s crucial that you follow the proper procedures. Partner with experts in stucco painting to ensure a finish you can enjoy.

Parking Garage Restoration

Parking Garage Deck Coating – Your Top Choices

Exposed to both the rigors of vehicle and foot traffic daily, parking garages are especially vulnerable areas of any building. Weather, water damage and more can quickly erode these structures. Fortunately, parking garage deck coatings and sealers can make a difference. Here are some of the most popular types.

Penetrating Sealers

Applied in liquid form, these work by stopping the No. 1 culprit in garage damage – water. Typically made of silane or siloxane and other silicates, these treatments block water from entering concrete, and creating a damaging freeze-thaw cycle.

Methacrylate and Epoxy Sealers

These sealers are beneficial because they can both prevent damage and restore a parking deck that’s already cracked and damaged. That’s because these parking garage deck coatings use methacrylates and epoxies to seal pores, blocking water and chloride from penetrating concrete.

Elastomeric Membranes

Non-penetrative, elastomeric membranes work by simply creating a surface barrier to shut out moisture. They’re ideal for parking garages with extreme damage or dynamic cracking and surface destruction. Affordable and easy to clean, they can offer a quick makeover for the most damaged structures.

Moisture, weather and contaminants can lead even the highest quality garages to rapidly deteriorate. If yours is going left or is already long gone, consider one of the above parking garage deck coating options to spruce it up and avoid more future expense.

Stone Restoration by Adriatic

What Can Damage Your Stone or Brick Walls?

Stucco and brick are super durable, ideal for commercial businesses. But they aren’t indestructible and any building made of these materials will eventually need repairs. Here are a few things that can land you shopping for stone repairs in Alpine, NJ.

Water Damage

Have you seen stucco tears in your building’s walls? This is a sign of water damage usually due to failure of sealing in parts where the stucco meets other joints.

Foundation Changes

Over time, the soil beneath your building compresses and the foundation settles leading to vertical cracks in your stucco walls.


Brick, stucco and stone in general are considered weatherproof building materials. However, enough wind, heavy rains, and humidity can weaken even these tough materials over time, leaving you needing brick repairs in Alpine, NJ.


Those rumbling vibrations from construction sites are more than a nuisance. They can cause external vibrations that can crack your stucco siding.

Thermal Expansion

Heat can also damage brick via thermal expansion of long brick walls lacking expansion joints. This can result from sun exposure.

When any of the above has taken its toll on your stone walls, it’s time to find a qualified specialist in brick, stone or stucco repairs in Alpine, NJ to get your building looking like new.

Steps to Painting a Concrete Deck

When it’s brand new, it’s hard to believe your clean concrete deck could ever get dirty. But before long, foot traffic and more can give it a gray pallor. Ready to spruce things up? Here are five quick steps for concrete deck painting.

Gather the Right Tools

Plan on investing in specialized concrete paint for decks. You’ll also need masonry sealant and primer, a clear finishing sealant to apply after painting and naturally, a sprayer or several rollers.

Clean Your Deck

The only thing worse than a dirty concrete deck is one with painted on debris. Avoid this by sweeping your deck thoroughly. Next wash your deck down with grease cutting soap, rinse and dry.

Fix Repairs

Concrete deck painting over cracks is bad practice, so plan to repair any minor nicks before you paint.  Clean cracks with a wire brush or vacuum and fill with masonry crack filler.


Following the directions for your products, apply masonry sealant and primer onto the deck directly and spread over a few square feet at a time.

You’ll need to wait 24 hours for the paint to dry before applying sealant. If this all sounds like a lot of work, choose instead a knowledgeable concrete deck painting contractor in NJ and NY with years of experience. You won’t regret it!

Parking Garage Restoration

5 Reasons You Should Waterproof Your Parking Garage in 2019

Waterproofing might not seem like a natural priority for a parking garage, especially if it’s covered. But water is the top threat that faces garages in the long run, creating rust, corrosion and freeze-thaw cycles that can generally destroy a structure. Parking garage waterproofing is an investment that will benefit you thoroughly in the long run. Here are the top five reasons to waterproof your parking garage.

  • Cracks and Spalls

Water getting into a garage can penetrate concrete, freezing and expanding or introducing erosive chlorine and chemicals. The result is cracking and crumbling.

  • Poor Drainage

Water that gets into a garage often pools and forms puddles that are frustrating and even dangerous for drivers.

  • Weakened Structure

Water can gradually erode reinforced steel as well as joint sealants between fixtures and concrete floors. This can create a dangerous weakening of your structure.

  • Damaged Cars

Water can contain chemicals and even salt that, if allowed to drop or splash onto cars in a parking garage, can begin to damage auto paint.

Simply put, water is one of the biggest threats to a well-functioning parking garage. A waterproof parking deck creates a better experience overall. Get ahead of the threats posed by this element by working with a reputable company with experience in parking garage waterproofing well before you see the telltale signs of water damage.

3 Reasons Not to Ignore Masonry Issues

The beautiful stonework and masonry facades that decorate landmark buildings, hi rises, office buildings and many other types of commercial structures may look indestructible, but that isn’t the truth. Beneath the surface, cracks and fissures can create damage that slowly becomes irreversible. Here are a few reasons why investing in masonry restoration in NJ now is a good way to protect your building in the future.

Masonry Damage Threatens the Entire Structure

Left untreated, masonry damage can slowly destroy a building. Just one small crack can let in water, which then freezes and thaws, making holes and cracks. Masonry restoration contractors know firsthand that this eventually weakens the entire structure.

It Can Lower Property Value

Damaged stonework and masonry can signal a weakened structure and even suggests decreased energy efficiency from a building that lets out heat. The prospect of repairing the damage can dissuade would-be buyers.

Damage Can Cause an Accident

In older cities especially, it’s not uncommon for compromised stonework to fall off hi rise buildings. This can damage vehicles or even injure a passerby, creating a major liability.

Don’t let your commercial building fall into ruins. Contact a specialist in masonry restoration in NJ today to learn your options for keeping your property attractive and efficient.