Top Causes for Stucco and EIFS Repair

Eifs Stucco Repair

Stucco is a popular choice for many businesses, and synthetic versions, or Exterior Insulating and Finish System (EIFS), put a modern spin on this classic. But for all their benefits, these materials are not indestructible. Here are a few common reasons you may need to repair stucco and EIFS.

Improper Installation

A quick route to trouble with stucco and EIFS is installation on flat surfaces. Stucco must always be applied to sloped surfaces to ensure proper drainage or your business will eventually need EIFS stucco wall repair.

Missing Sealants

One of the biggest pitfalls for EIFS cladding lies in incorrect sealant joints. Sealant that is improperly applied or even missing can allow water to penetrate the surface, launching a devastating cycle of erosion.

Hidden Water Damage Sources

It’s often easy to see when EIFS water damage has occurred. Less obvious, however, can be the source. Hidden sources can include something as subtle as a sprinkler system installed too close to a building, or improper drainage. Overlook these little things and you’ll find yourself needing to repair stucco and EIFS.

These common pitfalls can cost you big in the end. If you’ve already become a victim, call a professional EIFS and stucco contractor in NY/NJ region who specializes in commercial repairs to get your facade back on the right track.